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Discussion: Harry Potter Films - Unimportant parts you wish could've been added or deleted scenes
So I'll start it off by not including Winky!
Winky, dear old Winky; Crouch's House elf. Important as she is, especially with Crouch Senior to the dark mark cast at the Quidditch Cup in The Goblet of Fire film, plus the whole 'drunk winky' fiasco.
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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is a location-based adventure from Niantic, the creators of Pokémon Go.
Over a year of teasing Niantic has finally told fans what they can expect from Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.
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Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes - Deals on Harry Potter merchandise!
In this area we'll be posting deals that we find on Harry Potter merchandise, equally if you find a deal why not share it with the community!
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Harry Potter Game For Muggles - Harry Potter Road Names
Have you seen a road name that relates to Harry Potter? For example; I found this today while driving ‘Neville Close’ - Can you find a Harry Potter related road name? #HarryPotterRoadNames
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Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Hogwarts

Bring Hogwarts to life like never before with this 3D masterpiece
A 3D masterpiece celebrating Harry Potter's Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from New York Times best-selling pop-up engineer Matthew Reinhart.
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You have to see this amazing recreation of the WizardingWorld in Minecraft - Harry Potter in Minecraft! The map features locations such as Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, King's Cross Station, Godric's Hollow and much more!
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Things you may have missed in the Harry Potter Films
When adapting a book to a film there tends to be a lot of things that are missed out and Harry Potter is no different. As time went on the Harry Potter books became longer and the film makers along with JK Rowling had to make choices of what to trim down.
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This FAN FORUM is dedicated to you, THE FANS! Help shape this forum, make it yours!
I just wanted to say thank you for everyone for taking the time to check out our site. We're in the very early stages but I appreciate every each and one of you Harry Potter fan. I've got loads of ideas and I'd love to hear even more from YOU!

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Harry Potter: Colouring Book Celebratory Edition - £2.49 (add £2.99 delivery if you're not a prime member!)

The perfect introduction to the Harry Potter Colouring Book series.

This special Celebratory Edition features a selection of artwork from the Harry Potter Colouring Book, Harry Potter Magical Creatures Colouring Book, and Harry Potter Magical Places & Characters Colouring Book, along with several exclusive never-before-seen images.
For best results, we recommend the use of colouring pencils to colour and create your stunning pictures.

Get yours: https://amzn.to/2KxADGu
#HarryPotter #Amazon #Hogwarts #Hedwig #ColouringBook #Fans
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A quiz about Harry Potter and The Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone
This answers are from the first movie! 
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Ok, this is a long shot, but we know that Hermione is muggle born. She's also an only child. Neither of these are particularly unique, but I feel a witch as clever as Hermione would want to research her family tree, to discover who the last witch/wizard was.
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I've thought for a long time now that Harry, Ron and Hermione were put into the same house for convenience.
Hear me out : First off, we know that the Sorting Hat took time for Hermione, and finally decided on Gryffindor. The hat also considered Ravenclaw but what about Hufflepuff?? Hermione was very loyal to Harry throughout the entire series.
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Brand new items have hit Morrisons shelfs! Items range from £2, go and check out the latest Harry Potter accessories in Morrisons Today!
Keep all of your enchanting and magical stationery goodies safe inside this marvelous multi pocket pencil case.
A great pencil case that is perfect for use at school or at home, and is perfect for filling with all your spellbinding stationery.
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Hello whoever is reading! I'm bored so decided to make a small forum on some of the Harry Potter theories that exist! Feel free to debate whether they are believable or not and even leave your own! Have fun! 😁
  • 13 replies

What's your favourite horocrux?
You've got a choice of a Horocrux, but which one would you choose to be your favorite and why? What's your inner desire, what does the heart choose?
50 Points to your house for the most creative answers.
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Here is a list of the following YouTube channels I've come across. If you'd like yours added to the list please reply with your account name/link!
  • 12 replies

Godric's Hollow from The Music of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
"Godric's Hollow," a never-before-heard track from The Music of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, an album of music by Imogen Heap from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, makes its premiere today. Also debuting today is a new clip featuring never-before-seen footage from the play, featuring music from the song.
  • 2 replies

I can hear you now, 'not another website', why should I join? What do I get, what's in it for me, and why have you made the website?

I'll admit, I was a later comer to the Harry Potter series. Believe it or not, it wasn't till I saw promo advertising Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban at my first job.
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Harry Potter: A History of Magic
Although it’s not the complete exhibition, Google’s Potter hub lets you get up as close as you can to artwork and literary works that are on display in A History of Magic, without the fuss of... well, actually traveling to the British Library and having to deal with the worst of all muggles, tourists. It’s even available in five languages beyond English (Spanish, French, German, Hindi and Brazilian Portuguese), opening it up to an even wider audience of magically-curious people, whether they’re Potter fans or otherwise.
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JK Rowling is sorry for killing Dobby Harry Potter finale
Every year on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts JK Rowling comes to twitter to say sorry for killing off characters, yesterday (Wednesday) she turned her attention to Dobby the house elf.
Dobby was killed by Bellatrix while trying to save Harry Potter in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
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JUST WHEN you think you know all there is to know about the workings of the wizarding world, JK Rowling brings out a corker and you are shocked once again.
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I have a small collections of  Funko POP figures, amd Funko Rock Candy figures. I used to get them a subscription service but stopped due to plans to move and not knowing how much space I'd have to put them! I do hope to add to my collection as well. 
I keep most of them in their boxes for the time being, until I have space to display them, however Harry, Ron and Hermione that aren't in boxes were the first figures I got so they are out on display! I love the Funko Rock Candy figures the most, as they are a bit smaller but more detailed, however there aren't as many figures in that collection as there are in the Funko POP figures!
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Have you been to the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour?
If so why not leave a review so others can get ideas and plan their trip, we'd love to hear your stories!
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Test Your Knowledge!
Questions in this are only relate to the movies/films, some information will differ from the books.
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All questions in this quiz related to the first book.
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