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Rik Mayall as Peeves in Harry Potter, are there any deleted scenes?


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Fans of the Harry Potter books will be familiar with the character Peeves; a poltergeist fond of mischief and chaos who wreaks havoc through the corridors of Hogwarts.




He's developed quite heavily as a character in JK Rowling's novels, and readers first meet him in Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone, when he's tormenting prefect Percy Weasley as he leads the Gryffindor first years to their common room.


Rik talks Harry Potter

Rik goes on to say how he was cut out of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.


Peeves the poltergeist was actually in the first Harry Potter film. Yes, the biggest disappointment for any die-hard Potterhead was undoubtedly the fact that Hogwart’s notoriously naughty poltergeist, whose antics often caused great amusement in the novels, didn’t make it to the on-screen adaptation of the books.


It has since emerged that actor Rik Mayall was actually due to play Peeves and had filmed three weeks worth of scenes as the poltergeist, but later found out his part was cut during the movie’s final edits.



“A long while ago, all the kids at my kids’ school were saying “Hello Rik, have you read Harry Potter? It’s fantastic.” I’d go “what?”

“My agent said, “Hey Rik, you want to be in Harry Potter?”

“I said, “What, is it a book?”

“He said, “It’s a film.”

“I said, “Ah, it’s my favourite book, course I want to be in it.”

“I’d never read a word. He said: “Alright, you’re in it.”

So he did it. He filmed in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone but…

I got sent off the set because every time I tried to do a bit of acting, all the lads who were playing the school kids kept getting the giggles, they kept corpsing, so they threw me off.

Well, they asked me to do it with my back to them and they still laughed. So they asked me to do it around the other side of the cathedral and shout my lines, but they still laughed so they said they’d do my lines with someone else.

Out of all the side stories left out of the Harry Potter films, Peeves was one I missed the most so it’s unfortunate to hear we were so close. Also unfortunate? Though there have been several Harry Potter DVD releases, including many “special editions,” Mayall’s scenes have never been included.


So, we're sorry to report that there have been no scenes released of Rik as Peeves in the Harry Potter series.


Disappointed? Don't worry, you're not alone!


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