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  1. What's your favorite subject in Hogwarts? Which class do you want to attend the most? You can read the list here: https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Hogwarts_subjects For me, I think I would be bad in Charms, Transfiguration or anything to do with casting spell. It's because I wouldn't be able to memorize all of those practical spells. But maybe DADA will be interesting because I like the idea of duelling. Herbology and Magical Creatures are also not my things. Also anything about history. My hands are also not good in handling the Potions.
  2. If you were at Hogwarts during the time Dumbledore's army is organised, would you have joined?
  3. You have to see this amazing recreation of the WizardingWorld in Minecraft - Harry Potter in Minecraft! We have been recreating the Harry Potter world block by block for a long time now. Now, we finally release this map by DynamiskFisk, with help from the rest of the team, so that anyone can enjoy visiting their favorite places in the Harry Potter world! The map features locations such as Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, King's Cross Station, Godric's Hollow and much more! Using apparition, as well as the floo network, through the fireplaces, you’ll instantly be able to find any and every part
  4. I suppose I should have put this under the Daily Prophet category because the title sounds like one Rita Skeeter would write. But its too late now, so I am just going to dive in. Draco Malfoy. I think that readers who view his character have polar opposite opinions on him. Either 1, he is a bad-boy dreamboat, and they want him to fall in love with their little hearts because of his smirk and his raw good looks. Or, on the total other hand, he is a death eater, and truly a terrible persona and he didn't really deserve a redemtion arc. Of cour
  5. In the game, both Nymphadora Tonks and Tulip Karasu are both known as a troublemaker. But it's so weird for me to have two characters with very similar traits. What do you think differentiate Tonks and Tulip? Who do you prefer more as a best friend? Tonks Tulip
  6. haeju_ahn

    Are You a 'Hatstall'?

    'Hatstall' is canon. What is a 'Hatstall'? It's a person that's hardly sorted into one of Hogwart's houses. To simplify it, it's when you can't decide which house you're belong to. In HP Wiki, it said that and I quoted: 'A Hatstall was an archaic term for a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry whose Sorting took more than five minutes because the Sorting Hat found them to have a personality equally suited to different Hogwarts Houses.' There are two types of hatstall: True-Hatstall and Near-Hatstall.
  7. Welcome back to the ASTROLOGY world with Haeju! credit to owner Check the first part here. We're gonna continue to sort the astrology signs a.k.a. zodiacs into Hogwarts houses. I'll make it simpler tho. Anyway, let's go! HUFFLEPUFF: Taurus, Virgo, Libra 7. Taurus The fancy sign! Taurus is known for being chill, easy-going, simple, patient, and rich. Taurus likes to have many friends, many foods, and many spare time. Taurus can be annoying when they appear as lazy and stubborn, but they're quite loyal too. Taurus is the sign of co
  8. Harry Potter has since became such an a global phenomenon that it’s hard to see the full scope what it accomplished over the years. J.K. Rowling was an unknown single mom when she first got the idea for her story while stuck on a train; the small UK children’s press that ultimately took a chance on it undoubtedly couldn’t have predicted that it would have a measurable effect on everything it touched. Now one of the biggest forces in pop culture, it changed the way that businesses published books for kids. It’s remarkable that Harry Potter was rejected from no less than nine different publ
  9. Witches and Wizards, Help return Brilliant Foundables from the Hall of Prophecy during Part 2 of the Battle of the Department of Mysteries Brilliant Event, starting Tuesday, September 22 at 11 a.m. PT. The Brilliant Foundables featured during this event can be found in the following locations: Masked Death Eater - Wizarding Challenges Ginny Weasley - Brilliant Portkey Hermione Granger - Tasks Brilliant Harry Potter - Encounter Brilliant Prophecy Orb - Encounter Brilliant Portkeys for this event will be 1.
  10. Taking the life you know now and transforming it into a 'Wizard Family' in the Wizarding World, would you have a house Elf to help with chores? Or would you be joining Hermione in support her S.P.E.W society?
  11. If you're a fan of Harry Potter you might want to head to your nearest B&M. They're now stocking face coverings in a Harry Potter style for just £2.50 each. With masks now mandatory in shops and some schools, the budget retailer is selling the masks in the gift aisle at stores up and down the country. Each face covering is described as 'one size fits most', the Harry Potter masks are adorned with the Hogwarts crest.
  12. It's been 9 years since the series ended and The Deathly Hallow Part 2 was release, However, over the years there have been many opinions and a fair few topics in Harry Potter universe that very controversial. Below we've compiled some of the best, and we'd love to hear your comments, or even your own controversial opinions. Here are our top 10 controversial opinions: Hermione was abusive and manipulative? Severus Snape was a horrible person who did not achieve redemption? Neville should have been the chosen one? Fred and George are overrated?
  13. As Harry Potter fans know all too well, on 1st September, Harry Potter attended Hogwarts for the very first time – and we’ve all been celebrating this eponymous wizarding world calendar date ever since. Here’s how all of our Wizarding World friends and family are congregating for a digital celebration this year, and how you can join in at home. This year actor Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) has created a magical video for all fans who are eager to return to Hogwarts. Full Video: uV0AcPGGCF5BWWSr.mp4 Wizarding World recently tweeted: "As we kick off th
  14. We've created a poll for a bit of fun and we'd love to hear your answers! I've personally read the books more than 5 times, and I've honestly lost count how many time I've rewatched the movies........ AND I DON'T CARE! HAHA!
  15. When Harry Potter learns on his eleventh birthday that he is is, in fact, a wizard, he is quickly swept up into the spellbinding world of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry alongside new best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. He soon discovers, though, that there is a much darker side to the wizarding world than any of them could have imagined. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/movie-collection/harry-potter-complete-collection/id716805945 YEAR 1 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: The magical adventure begins when Harry Potter is invited to
  16. Head back to Platform 9 3/4, climb aboard the Hogwarts Express and enjoy the Complete Harry Potter Collection for a magical price. Presented in a gorgeous slipcase, these editions of J. K. Rowling's classics come complete with stunning cover illustrations from Jonny Duddle. A phenomenon like no other, Harry's incredible journey begins with The Philosopher's Stone. Unhappily living in a cupboard under the stairs at his aunt's, he's visited by a giant called Rubeus Hagrid who delivers the most astonishing news - Harry's a wizard. As he heads to Hogwarts School of W
  17. Harry Potter has had a huge impact on today’s generation for those who’ve grown up reading and watching these books and films. Which movies or books have made a biggest impact on you? We'd love to hear your experiences! Have the books/movies helped you through a bad time, maybe they just bring you joy?
  18. Harry Potter look at this very realistic digital painting of a black Hermione in her school uniform and a S.P.E.W badge Sophia Canning, a recent RISD graduate, took to Twitter on August 12 to show off her Hermione artwork. Painted in Photoshop, the image could easily be mistaken for a photograph. It features Hermione with dark skin and big, curly black hair, dressed in a Gryffindor tie with a SPEW button on her shirt — and, naturally, a huge pile of books in her arms. Go check out @peaceofseoul profile on Twittter!
  19. Loma-Homes: Muggle AirBnB transformed into a Harry Potter Hogwarts experience! Harry Potter fans, you might want to snap up this incredible Hogwarts-themed Airbnb for your first post-lockdown getaway. Wizard's Way, located in Florida, US (and conveniently located near Universal Orlando Resort) is a Muggles fans dream come true. The eight bedroom home features bedrooms based on the four Hogwarts houses - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin - while each bathroom has its own Harry Potter theme, from Hedwig and the Ministry of Magic to Dobby, and
  20. Dale Smith

    Peeves the magic Tulpa?

    I am not a ghost specialist!! Peeves has a physical form that is unusual for a poltergeist! Is this because we are told he is? Like tomatos being veg (when its a fruit?) I think he fits better as a Tulpa (or a manifestation) Peeves was present for the first head master! Hogwarts must have attracted its ghosts over time!? (We know that moaning mertol is newer than most others, being a former student killed on site) My theory is that the misschef of students (maybe as a by product of protection and containment charms cast on the school, eg. a ghost in the progr
  21. I was Tweeted at today and asked; ' who are Hogwarts’ English and maths teachers? As far as I can tell, they never get taught the basics, so where do they learn them?' This made me wonder if children who attend or graduate from Hogwarts have an education that can be used in the Muggle world? Do students learn English and Maths? As Tweeted here: With some research we can see that Arithmancy is taught but that's the study of the magical properties of numbers, not maths. How do younger wizards and witches get educated in basic skills like reading
  22. The Emoji Quiz No cheating... PLEASE USE THE SPOILER OPTION SO OTHERS DON’T SEE YOUR ANSWERS! (pressing the eye) Example (click to reveal) 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) Best of luck!
  23. Welcome to the ASTROLOGY world! img credit to owner There are 12 signs, included 4 elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and 3 types (Cardinal/Initiation, Fixed/Stabilization, Mutable/Adaptatation). 3 x 4 = 12. Yeah, that's how it works. Because each signs have their own traits and the thing that they value, why not sort them into Hogwart's houses? Without further ado, let's go! Let's start with the easy one... GRYFFINDOR: ARIES, LEO, SAGITTARIUS 1. Aries 2. Leo 3. Sagittarius Move to
  24. Hogwarts House Points (EXTRA) Earn extra points for your chosen house Make 5 posts in a day = 50 Make 10 posts a day = 100 Make 30 posts a day = 300 Create 5 topics (anywhere on the forums) = 50 Create 10 topics (anywhere on the forums) = 150 Create 30 topics (anywhere on the forums) = 500 Points awarded for creating a status = Points awarded for replying to a status = EXTRA EXTRA POINTS Daily/Weekly/Monthly points Daily Points = 5 Weekly Points = 10 Monthly Points = 15 *NOTE: A
  25. Rune8Valentine

    Warm, Cold-Blooded Greetings

    Hi everyone, So I'm not sure if I should reply to this to say that I am brand new, but here I am! I am very interested in being part of Slytherin and due to my very own cunning and ambitious nature, I am sure to make sure that I help as much as possible to make Slytherin the winning house! I'm also open to meeting and making new friends, as well as into fan-fiction and writing in general. Apart from that, I do have a dark and sarcastic nature, but that's just me. I am a big fan of Quidditch, just to put it out there as well. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
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