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    These amazing grandparents build their granddaughter a 350sqft 'Harry Potter' Playhouse Of Dreams! Doting Grandparents Dave and Ruby Dunlop wanted a place that their eldest grandchild, two-year-old Logan, could come and play at when she visited, and boy did they deliver. The Dunlop's commissioned a massive 350 square feet playhouse to be built in their back garden in Ontario, Canada - all themed on the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The grandparents say they hope to make additions to the playhouse as Logan gets older, such as a zip line which goes from Hogwarts tower down to the ground. Tyson, who runs the small family business Charmed Playhouses, has built luxury playhouses all over the world, with past designs including a Disney-themed princess castle attached to Rapunzel's tower, Captain Hook's pirate ship and Neverland, and a Hobbit hole. Tyson said: "The Dunlops are elated to have the playhouse in their backyard as it will become the pinnacle of family memories for years to come." Featured Image Credit: SWNS Read the full article at: Pretty52
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    The first weapons against Miss Rona are made and are now being tested. With a little luck, they will be done by the end of the year. You can always keep an eye on this page for more info on when they'll reopen.
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    That is so gorgeous, I would have loved this as a child... I still would tbh, I could escape from my husband 😂
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    That is some stupidly amazing skill there! very nice work on the doll.
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    Great video @azkabanshee, you sound super excited!
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    Here is one of them. I'll be uploading the rest to my channel soon!
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    My channel name is the same as here (azkabanshee) *hurries up and subs to every other channel listed here*
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    A Phoenix 🔥 I have always adored Fawkes. As much as part of me would love a giant spider, I feel like a Phoenix would be more practical! 😄
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    I have been sorted several times over the years, and I always get Slytherin. I think it's accurate, but I also think perhaps there's a bit of Gryffindor in there somewhere.
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    I would love to be a fashion designer in the Wizarding world or teach at the school. Just imaging all the interesting things you can do with clothing with magic. If I was a teacher at hogwarts I would want to teach charms or astronomy.
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    When I was in Ireland a few years ago. I bought the Hufflepuff Version of the Philosophers Stone.
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    I would place him as a grey character. He is not bad and not good. I think the bullying he went through when he was in school pushed him to do terrible things. He was extremely loyal to Lily. I know it was because he was in love with her, but I would love to see his past explored more. I loved the sequence in the DH.
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    Hi @Hermione Granger, we was wondering when the smartest witch of her age would join! Welcome to our community. 😁👋🏻
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    I think that he was somewhen in between. It was like he was a good person who wanted to be bad. He only helped harry because of Lily, and he called Lily a mudblood, but on the inside, he had no choice but to be good.
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    Thank You, for letting myself join.
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    Hi guys, my family and I are hoping to visit the studio tour for Hogwarts In The Snow this year but obviously with Miss Rona still at large; what is the likelihood that the tour will be reopened in time?
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    I got some great Fantastic Beasts items and a reduced price the last time I was there. My favourite mug now is my red Witches Friend mug. Very 1920s. But the other Harry Potter merchandise is very expensive and some isn’t that great quality of I’m honest. I don’t like the designs of the confectionary.
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    Hi guys, I just found some new cool HP tribute, what do you think?
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    Hello everyone. I’m from London and have been a Harry Potter fan since the books first came out although I only started reading them when the third book came out. I’ve been obsessed ever since. I’ve been to the Warner Bros tour, the History of Magic exhibition and for Harry Potter themed cocktails at St Pancras Station bar (the Butter Beer cocktail is to die for). Thank you for reading! Blessed be x
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    I’ve never been so this will be my first visit. I’m so excited to go, my husband was sorted into Ravenclaw recently and it’s just funny since his mother is called Rowena 😂. We’re going to definitely get our robes in advance
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    Couldn't put it better myself. Even with our new 1M rule coming tomorrow I still can't see the studio tour opening up to the public this year. WB couldn't risk such a thing as so many tourist attend this attraction. I personally think they'll open up in the new year, to be completely safe. They could limit the numbers that come in and keep a distance measure in place but it would affect the tours openness to walk around.
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    Guess who bought more lego?! I bought 3 and I got Harry, Hermione and Neville. They're all in front of my computer screen and I now have (in order they're standing) Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione, Neville, Dean, Luna, Draco, Newt, Queenie and Voldemort.
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    My husband and I have become very invested in collecting the new Mattel dolls. Yesterday, we preordered Snape and I’m eagerly awaiting a preorder date for Harry X Voldemort set and Luna Lovegood.
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    Hi everyone, I’m Lex. I was sorted into Slytherin (multiple times) on Wizard World. I’ve been a huge fan of the Harry Potter franchise since Philosophers Stone was released (on VHS back in the early 2000s). After Chamber Of Secrets, I ventured onto other franchises for a while and I’ve been back as a Potterhead for around 4-5 years now (just being honest). I’m 27 years old and I’m from the UK. I’m so excited to have discovered this community and can not wait to become an active daily member :)
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    @Dumbledore I figured it would be awarded later on, but wasn't sure so I thought I might as well point it out. Thanks for the 150 points btw
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    @haejuahn Yeah sounds good to me too
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    394 points. It's just perfect. *ruins it by posting this*
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    @haejuahn had a good birthday? I can only imagine what it would be like to have your birthday during social distancing.
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    awwwww thank you guysssss
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    @Dumbledore sure, to ahead I'll remake it tomorrow to include the other houses
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    You're welcome, it was the least I could do Well, I could offer you cake, but Dudley ate a big part of it...
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    Omggg thank youuu~ >.<
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    I don't have this book but i have the German version of it from 2007 or 2006 and there is only harry notes in it
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    And St Pancras is a town near me, here in The Netherlands 😂
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    Yep. I would charm things like the Golden Snitch. Sounds like it would a very interesting job. Then again, so do most of the jobs in the Wizarding World.
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    Based on the list was shared, I would like to change my answer to metal charmer. That sounds like it would be fun.
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    I made earrings with Nifflers hanging from them a while ago. XD
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    @Lily Potter Jr. we can study to become healers together!
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    @haejuahn yeah and her articles always said "written by Rita Skeeter", but what about all the other articles in the newspapers?
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    Aah, I see... That's true. Rita Skeeter is so bad to be the only journalist in the story.
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    Interesting! That can be. Hermione is an activist too so she must be good at vieweing at a problems and events. It's a soul of journalism. The readers could be intrigued to be a journalist (is this what you mean tho?) Or there could have been more journalists in the story?
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    @AnotherWeasley Thanks for the awesome job list! This is a great question. I think I'd like to be a journalist for The Daily Prophet, but maybe not as annoying as Rita Skeeter lol. I enjoy writing and I think it would be so fun.
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    It seems fitting that Emma Watson's audition was while she was at school. I don't have any facts that no one else knows, but I do think it's interesting how little witches and wizards are chosen to be accepted into Hogwarts.
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