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    I totally agree with this. The trio deserved a punishment and Neville did good job!
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    So, It’s known that Parvati Patil och Lavender Brown are like best friends. But in the films lavender brown looks like padma patil?!?! An example: In the fifth movie, on the dada lesson with slytherin, Parvati and ”Padma” is sitting next to each other in the front row? Padma is wearing a gryffindor cloak-thing on a gryffindore-slytherin lesson? Yes of course this is suppose to be lavender brown but why does she look exactly like her best friend? This was a messy text, but why does Lavender Brown look like Padma Patil in all films except hbp and dh??
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    Yeah, I'm a movie person and I don't quite ship Hinny. It's definitely not romantic in the movie. Even it was not romantic with Cho either. Hermione and Luna knew Harry better than the other two, I think. But well, for me love is something personal and everyone has their own opinion and experience about it. I'm fine if they ship Hinny because maybe they can see the tomance between those two.
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    They do realize that there's no such thing as "real" spells... right? It's fiction! I absolutely love J.K. Rowling's response to this type of criticism. As great and important as this series is, in the end it's not actually real and she didn't write it with any sort of ideological agenda. People take it way too seriously!
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    @DearDiary777 Hi and welcome! I'm pretty new as well. What's your favorite book from the series, just out of curiosity?
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    Wow, this brings me back... I was about 9 or 10 years old when my mom bought me the Afrikaans version of the Philosopher's Stone. She read it first and then after hearing how amazing the story was from her, I gave it a try and I loved it immediately. When the first film came out after that, we went to watch it and I was hooked. I begged my older sister to take me to watch it at the movies again, but I only had the chance to watch the first film once in the cinemas. After that, I first read the book and then watched the films. I don't even know how many times I've read the books and watched the movies, but I will always continue doing so, no matter what. Every time is like the first time for me and the series is a big part of my life growing up.
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    At least the proper measures are being taken.
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    @BoundingHeart I absolutely love these quotes! To be quite honest I was agreeing with the initial post at first until you reminded me about why I loved her character so much in the past. It's been a while since I've read the books and all I could remember was the bland, boiled down version of Ginny from the movies. It does seem to make a bit more sense in the books about why Harry and Ginny got together, and I can relate. It maybe wasn't the best pairing (I would have loved Harry and Luna much more), but it's sweet because they basically grew up together and there's an element of familiarity and family. They may not be everyone's favorite couple, but hey, you have to congratulate Ginny for marrying her childhood crush!
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    My first experience with Harry Potter was when I was just seven years old. I was stuck at my uncle's house for whatever reason, and super bored. He had come back from a trip to the store with a book, The Sorcerer's Stone . I was hesitant about it at first, being my typical stubborn 7-year-old self, but I grudgingly accepted the book and finished it in the same night! I blew through the whole series over the course of just a few months, lugging the heavy books to and from school every day. I watched all of the movies that had already been released in a binge marathon with my dad once I'd finished the books, and I saw the very last movie in theaters on my birthday. I was totally obsessed, and for my tenth birthday my parents had taken me to the newly opened Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios.
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    I just re installed it bcs I have a new phone now. I luv it!!! I love wandering at hogwarts 💙 But I'm also a Ravenclaw bcs I use my old account haha
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    Hi @Dumbledore Thank you so much for your warm welcome, and I am definitely a Slytherin. I actually am a part of the HEX community as well and I enjoy it a lot, so I searched for other fan platforms online and I came across this platform. I'll contact my @xEmmaberryx to see where I can get started. Well, regarding myself, I am a very deep, passionate, but ambitious, driven and shrewd person who loves the arts in any form, from writing (I'd like to write my own series of books one day and I'm dabbling in short stories and fan fiction) and music as well (I can play 3 instruments so far). Harry Potter has been a massive part of my life growing up and became a place where I could escape as a child during difficult times. Its been a refuge and a part of my life since its release and I love anything and everything to do with Harry Potter, the story, its characters and everything to do with the Wizarding World. I know, it sounds quite extraordinary and strange for a woman my age, but I'll always be a fan, no matter what.
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    Hi @Sheila Kiernan and welcome to our community.
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    @Dumbledore isn't this kind of topic should be in Three Broomstick? Since it's still HP movie related? Honestly, I'm just confused
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    Not in order 1. Revelation of Snape as the 'Half-Blood Prince' - HBP I think it's cool that the book that helps Harry to succeed in potion class is owned by his own nemesis' 2. Snape teaching Harry to control his mind (Occlumency lesson) - HBP I'm just amazed with how Snape pushing Harry to master the lesson, seems mean, but at the last series we know that Snape actually really cares with Harry. His teaching method is just kind of cold, bold, and heartless. 3. Voldermort vs Dumbledore battle - OOTP Hand down best battle in the entire series imo 4. Harry giving Dobby a sock - COS Made me screamed "YES!!!", Lucius deserved it 5. Meeting Luna Lovegood on the carriage for the first time - OOTP Just the best character introduction of my most favorite character of all time
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    Oh wow, I feel like Harry Potter has always been part of my life. Both of my first real experiences come from Philosopher's Stone. Watching the film - I was very young, and the movie magic was so immersive to me that I genuinely believed it was being played live (I was quite young). I remember the bright colours, Draco's attitude and the joy I felt with the trio besting Voldemort. Reading the book - It was the week before my 11th birthday and I was just starting to really get into reading. When I was in school, we used to have morning and afternoon tutor which only lasted about 10/15 minutes each time. I started reading on the Monday, and except for one Thursday tutor session (due to the year group assembly) and finished it on the Friday afternoon. It was the first time I'd read a long book (before that it had been rainbow magic and tiara club books). It was just magical.
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    Oh, this is an interesting one! I'm probably going to ramble on so bare with me for it. I would have to agree that the trio deserved to be punished - I mean who disobeys adults to go on a potentially dangerous quest for a stone that you know is guarded by a three-headed dog amongst other mysteries? I mean for goodness sake, Harry literally killed a man (unintentional or not, Harry as an eleven year old killed someone and got rewarded for it!). I think given how little we know about Dumbledore's thinking behind placing the stone in the mirror, one can assume that Quirrel may have tried to destroy the mirror. In which case, I believe at least, that the stone would have been lost forever anyway. So same result would have happened to Flamel. As for the trio getting points, it should have been on sheer dumb luck, not for playing a game of chess, or use of cool intellect (like come on, I bet Ravenclaws do that all the time in the common room and don't get any reward). Neville out of the four that got points was the only one to deserve any, and that was for stopping his friends and not joining them. However, I also believe that Dumbledore wanted to reward the trio to encourage them to do other dangerous things in their school careers. As it's the first time they get rewarded, but in the future, they don't - at least not in points. Just a leader and his puppets. At least that's my take in a very brief overview.
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    Well, what I find cutest is remembering how much of a crush Ginny had on Harry right from the beginning of book 2. It was so sweet, her reaction when Harry first arrived at the Weasley house and how surprised and shy she got!
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    I think I do agree with the one who started the topic, but at the same time, I haven't read the books in a while. I just have the movies to go by. In the movies, it does seem a little out of the blue that suddenly they are in love. It seemed to me that they don't quite know each other all that much. Not like the way Hermione knows him, for example, or Luna even. I love Hermione with Ron, but if ever it hadn't worked out between those two, I would have liked Harry to have been with her! My most favorite pairing would have been Luna with Harry...although Luna with Neville was adorable!! Why on earth didn't they stay together??
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    That's sad :( But I hope everyone is safe and healthy
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