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    Welcome everyone to the new theme launch for TWW Forums. We now have a background picker, to access this, select the picture icon in the menu header (highlighted in picture) and choose your desired wallpaper. Note: This is only availible to REGISTERED USERS who have been sorted into their houses! Any issues, please leave a reply! Thanks
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    I do agree that JK Rowling probably put Hermione and Ron in the same house for convenience, especially so they can be so close with Harry the main character. However, I think Hermione still fits in Gryffindor, if not Ravenclaw. It's obvious that she's wise, individual, and values knowledge SO MUCH that she fits into the blue house. But it's her boldness to do the right thing and her willingness to act that puts her into the Gryffindor. I think Gryffindor is lucky to have Hermione, the smartest witch in the history. For Ron, I agree that he can be a Hufflepuff. I don't read the book but I don't think he's a hardworking type. Ron's action is more Gryffindor and Hufflepuff: arrogant (in a godd way), brave, and passionate. He's loyal but Gryffindor has a 'different type of loyalty'. Slytherin (my house) is also loyal but because they value fraternity, and their social circle is usually small. Slytherin that we know loyal between pureblood wizards and death eaters. Gryffindor, in the other hand, is very warm, opened, and friendly towards people. They're not people-oriented, but they appreciate their comrades and friendship. Its element is fire and they value other people with that vibe. For me, Hufflepuff is more people-oriented than 'warm'. That's why most Hufflepuff appears as friendly and kind-hearted. They're loyal because that's the basic sense of being in a healthy friendship. It's just right to be loyal when you're a Hufflepuff. Your statement about 'when Harry's name came out the Goblet of Fire and when hunting for Horcruxes yet Hermione stayed to help Harry' makes me think twice tho. That's a really Hufflepuff thing. She's not just loyal but supportive. Hermione and Harry both are also veyr kind-hearted. The scene with Narcissa is touching too. I totally agree with that.
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    WHO??? :O I think with that attitude Hufflepuff will suit you ;) Me too! Although I like psychiatry and literally am going to be a doctor, I think the MIND suits me more than the HEART. I don't know if I like to be a healer hmm....
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    I did! I'll inform you when they have been registred >.<
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    15 Things Most Harry Potter Fans Don't Know About Slytherin's History TheThingsView the full article
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    Hi, I'm new here, I have never been part of a forum before so not really sure how they work. To get to know you guys, what is the single most important thing about the Harry Potter (& extended world) fandom?
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    I agree with this one. Dumbledore is clever and wise, so it's not that surprising that he appeared 3 hrs before the trial. Even I, myself, love to come early :D But why 3 hours early? Isn't it too early? Was he paranoid? I think he was! In the Order of the Pheonix, Voldermort finally came back in his full form. In his mind, I bet Dumbledore already planned to kill Harry as Voldy's horcrux in order to beat him. Harry is a very precious asset and the time has come to execute the plan. Therefore, Dumbledore had to protect Harry at all cost. He even didn't want to talk to Harry that year as he was paranoid. He knew that Fudge had not believe that Voldy came back yet and there was a rumor that Dumbledore was aiming for Fudge's position. He must not trust him and the entire ministry. So he took a preventive action which was coming 3 hours esrly to the trial. I know I'm not explaining this well enough but I think Dumbledore was just paranoid that year.
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    Magical Harry Potter Ambience (ASMR) - Sit down and relax with these AMAZING visual effect videos! Have you got homework to catch up with? Or maybe you simply want to relax and read a Harry Potter book (or any other book for that matter)? Why not try out these AMAZING ambience ASMR videos to help you chill out and relax.... First in the series: Dumbledore's Office [ASMR] Hogwarts ⚡ Harry Potter Ambience ⋄ Cinemagraph Created by: SMR Weekly (Youtube) We'll be adding more videos when released!
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    Hi all, thanks for joining our club. So, how well did you do on the quiz?
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    Hello haeju, We're glad you received your Hogwarts letter via Owl Post. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Welcome to The Wizarding World | Harry Potter Fan Forum Thank you for stopping off at the TheWizardingWorld | Harry Potter Fan Forum: Headmaster’s Welcome OK! I'm registered, how do I get started and get involved? TWWForums - Rules, Guidelines, Support (Please Read)
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    You have! 10pts to Slytherin.
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    Can you put me in the Slytherin, please? I hope I have fulfilled all the requirements.
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    Hi @haejuahn and welcome to our community!
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    Welcome Witches, Wizards and Muggles alike. Have you found yourself down on your luck attending local Harry Potter events? Unsure of what to wear when the opportunity does present itself? Unsure of what unsuspecting Muggles who know nothing of the Wizarding World might think? Or even struggle to get into character? Well, I'm here to try and answer your questions as I review my experience volunteering at a local Harry Potter event in my library. ~~~ Okay, now I have the cheesy advertisement style opening out of the way, I can actually be a little bit more serious. One of the local libraries where I live hosted a Tri-Wizard Tournament style activities session last Saturday (08/02/2020 [I'm from the UK so it's day/month/year]), and were looking for volunteers. I leapt at the chance. I knew where one of my Potter Stinks badges was, and I was ready to break out the cosplay. But first, I had to make sure volunteering in cosplay was okay. I've spent at least £150 on my "background" Slytherin student cosplay and was not about to risk ruining it by messy arts and crafts. As you can see with the photo below, cosplay was definitely fine, even with the arts and crafts. As I mentioned, the event was Tri-Wizard Tournament themed. The kids got sorted into one of the three schools, and each activity they completed they got a sticker to add to the card on the wall that had their school on it. The school with the most stickers won. I should add that no children were harmed in this tournament. The activities were find the Professors socks, a word search, colour Dobby's socks, colour a school shield and make your own dragon (one child tried to kill me with their dragon), so nothing too extreme or deadly. It was fairly easy to get into character, and seeing the joy in those kids eyes when they saw me, and the professional cosplayers was 100% worth it. It was like they realised that dressing up wasn't just for kids. But honestly, I don't know whether it's the fact I've spent a few years creating this character or I just enjoyed myself so much, it was so easy to stay in character. It doesn't matter if you wear cosplay or just a themed top - what you wear doesn't diminish from your love of Harry Potter, or dedication to the event. As long as you're having fun, no one else will care. And finally, to keep it somewhat short and sweet, what about unsuspecting Muggles? Well, screw what they think. I was so anxious about going out in cosplay, but actually it was such a confidence boost whenever someone looked over and looked really confused. No one said I looked awful, so I was happy. And actually it made me come alive to be in cosplay. So don't worry about going out in cosplay when it isn't con season or a studio tour/Universal trip. So I say, make use of your local library and if you decide to volunteer at these events, do what you feel comfortable with! And just have fun! Make the most of it while it lasts!
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    Oh, this is an interesting one! I'm probably going to ramble on so bare with me for it. I would have to agree that the trio deserved to be punished - I mean who disobeys adults to go on a potentially dangerous quest for a stone that you know is guarded by a three-headed dog amongst other mysteries? I mean for goodness sake, Harry literally killed a man (unintentional or not, Harry as an eleven year old killed someone and got rewarded for it!). I think given how little we know about Dumbledore's thinking behind placing the stone in the mirror, one can assume that Quirrel may have tried to destroy the mirror. In which case, I believe at least, that the stone would have been lost forever anyway. So same result would have happened to Flamel. As for the trio getting points, it should have been on sheer dumb luck, not for playing a game of chess, or use of cool intellect (like come on, I bet Ravenclaws do that all the time in the common room and don't get any reward). Neville out of the four that got points was the only one to deserve any, and that was for stopping his friends and not joining them. However, I also believe that Dumbledore wanted to reward the trio to encourage them to do other dangerous things in their school careers. As it's the first time they get rewarded, but in the future, they don't - at least not in points. Just a leader and his puppets. At least that's my take in a very brief overview.
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    Ludovic Bagman. Alright, I think I better leave some for others to do now while I go get some sleep! Next one is roethode tont.
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    Borgin and Burkes. Hadpaynrmo Nokst
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    I really have no idea, however I'm not convinced he did. There's a great many things I don't quite understand about Dumbledore! Dumbledore was able to know exactly where and when (and probably how often!) Harry was in his invisibility cloak after he gifted it to him for Christmas. When Harry has discovered the Mirror of Erised, he allows Harry time to look at it, but at some point says to him "back again Harry?" This implies to me that he knew Harry had visited the mirror multiple times, and as far as we know Ron is the only person who Harry had told about it - Hermione being at home for Christmas. Now, it's certainly possible that one of the ghosts had seen Harry and told Dumbledore, but surely it was more likely the ghost would have told Filch? After all, Filch did love to see students punished for being out of bed! There are other instances too, where Dumbledore appears to know exactly where Harry is. Another example is in Chamber Of Secrets, after Ron, Fred and George had picked up Harry, his Hogwarts letter arrived the very next day at the Weasley house. I think I read somewhere that there were people constantly watching over Harry, so I guess you could explain it as that. Going back to Harry's hearing at the Ministry. I've never understood Dumbledore's comment about him arriving at the ministry 3 hours early, unless he was there for other reasons too. The reason I don't understand it is because Harry and Mr Weasley have arrived at the Ministry, to be told that Harry's hearing has been moved to 5 minutes time. Although Fudge claims he sent an owl to Dumbledore, he clearly didn't to Harry! But Harry and Mr Weasley were there early, I presume because you have to be there a certain amount of time early. Another thing we need to look at is the fact that Mrs Figg came with Dumbledore. This is tricky in determining exactly why Dumbeldore was at the Ministry early, but I assume the hearing wasn't too far away in time from the original time, and she was there early because she was a witness, and Dumbledore's comment about 3 hours is just because he was supposed to be doing something else before the hearing. My guess is that either someone tipped Dumbledore off, or he had a hunch they would change the time and venue of the hearing - he is a very clever wizard, and seems to know or guess a lot of things other people don't. My guess is that he somehow knew that the hearing would be changed - in an attempt for Harry not to be there and therefore not have time to defend himself! - and so he prepared accordingly, by arrvinig early, with Mrs Figg. I assume, also, that once at the Ministry, someone who was loyal to him did tell him. One other thing I just thought of is that in Hogwarts there are paintings, and Dumbledore is able to get the people in those paintings to send messages for him, or to check on people. I guess it's possible there was something similar in the Ministry. Or, we learnt at a later date that the Order Of The Phoenix used to send messages to each other using a Patronus. It's very possible that someone did this for Dumbledore, to alert him about the change in the meeting!
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    “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” ― Albus Dumbledore
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    "Turn to page; 394..." - Me
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    I was browsing through twitter and this site popped up. Looked interesting so I figured I would check it out
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    How much do you know about S.P.E.W.?

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