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Galactic News: Issue 1

Newt Scamander

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Date: May 7, 2022

Today's Character: Thorfinn Rowle: first mentioned in the Deathly Hallows, Thorfinn is a death Eater who accidentally kills fellow  Death Eater Gibbon, sets Hagrid's cabin on fire and is later tortured himself for summoning Voldamort after Harry escapes.

Today's Creature: Ramora

Refrence:Fantasic Beasts and Where to find them (2001)

Size: small

Status: Mortal

Notable Features: Silver fish; powerful magic

Did you know?: Roman author Pliny the Elder blamed remoras for slowing down Mark Antony's ships when Antony confronted Octavian's fleet during the Battle of Actium

Found in the indian Ocean, the Ramora fish uses its powerful magical abilities to protect sailors anchor ships. The Ministry of Magic classifies these kind creatures as XX, or harmless. to circumvent the devious dealings of wizarding poachers, Ramoras are heavily protected by the international confederation of wizards. Muggles know this creature as the remora, a fish that attaches itself to sharks, whales and ships.

Spell: Repelo Muggletum: this spell is used to repel muggles



The New Mandrack attraction is coming to Warner Bros. Studios soon! and ever more wizarding world attractions! 

The harry potter magic awakend video game still has no release date, but the game is expected to come out real soon!

48,438 votes now taken give Fantastic Beasts: the Secrets of Dumbledore a 3 star rating

Produceer David Yates says they have not started work on Fantastic Beasts 4 yet

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