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Thank you for stopping off at the TheWizardingWorld | Harry Potter Fan Forum: Headmaster’s Welcome


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Thank you for stopping off at the TheWizardingWorld | Harry Potter Fan Forum: Headmaster’s Welcome

We like to think that we’re a Harry Potter fan site - with a difference! The fact that we are a forum based community means that we give our users the freedom to create and control the content!


Do you have a theory about an aspect of the films and / or books that you’d like to get off of your chest?  Do you fancy yourself as a ‘J.K. Rowling in-the-making’ with stories and original pieces of fan fiction that pick up where the original stories left off? Or maybe you’re a serious collector whose amassed hoards of uniquely fascinating Harry Potter memorabilia that you’d like to showcase?


Sign up, become a student and you’ll be ‘sorted’ into your house; where you can design your own profile page, and start creating your own personalised ‘topics’ straight away. You can also join existing conversations with fellow fans by replying to ‘threads’ and discussions that pique your interest. Are you a true PotterHead? Find out by putting your knowledge to the test in our ‘quizzes and competitions’ sections, too!


Here at the TWWForums, a fan’s appreciation or passion for Harry Potter is recognised and rewarded - quite literally. Content that you create and posts that you make, win points for your house! Is your wand at the ready? Well, why not come on in and join us?   


The important thing to remember, is that this site can be whatever our users want it to be!   



Once registered, why not take a walk over to platform 9 3/4. This is were you'll introduce yourself to the rest of the Hogwarts Students. Click here to visit Platform 9 3/4.


Of course like most sites we do have some rules, please familiarise yourself with them:


TheWizardingWorld community is here to help each other out, we share our love of all things Harry Potter and make friendships.
Click Here To Sign Up!



Now that you've registered why not take a walk over to platform 9 3/4. This is were you introduce yourself to our Hogwarts Students. Click here to visit Platform 9 3/4.

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