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Hello RealEllenSmith, and Welcome to TheWizardingWorld | Harry Potter Fan Forum

We're glad that you've received your Hogwarts letter via Owl Post. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


How to get involved in our magical community

  1. You earn house points straight away. To earn more, simply participate within our community; you've just earned 25 for registering!
  2. Create at least 10 posts anywhere on the forum to be able to join your chosen Hogwarts House.
  3. Why not cast your vote in our polls section. Have a favourite book/film in the series?
  4. Welcome message from Dumbledore; Privacy Policy, Rules and Guidelines
  5. What are forums and how do they work? (For Muggles)
  6. TWWForums House Points Explained
  7. About Us: Harry Potter Fan Site (community forum)


Now that you've joined, let's get to know you by introducing yourself below. :default_yahoo:

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Who is that hiding under the invisibility cloak? Harry... Is that you? No?
Well, you must be a Muggle... And, you've found our magical community!

In that case, I think you should join us.
Enrol | Sign in

Once signed in you’ll be ‘sorted’ into your Hogwarts house; where you can start creating your own personalised ‘topics’ straight away, or you can also join existing conversations with fellow fans by replying to ‘threads’ and discussions that pique your interest.

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