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Trampled by a flock of Hippogriffs

Professor Patrick

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Hello everyone, new and old


Even with all the potions, wards and precautions I took, Covid still got me and I have been out of commission for quite a while now. This virus is nasty, especially for an asthmatic.

I am slowly on the mend, still having to rest large portions of the day. I get tired fast, am out of breath just from walking up the stairs and everything tastes like water. Now would probably be the best time to eat Berty Bott‘s Beans 🫘 - even ear wax or vomit wouldn’t scare me. 😜


I missed a lot of newbies and wish all of you a pleasant stay on the forum.

If you want to chat, you can find me here, huddled in an armchair. Should I be sleeping, please let me rest. And don’t draw a moustache on me. 


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