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Sale of a JK Rowling handwritten book

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We're selling a JK Rowling handwritten book containing official Hogwarts advice for first years. The book was originally created for a 2004 charity auction, where it sold for £10,000. 
The market for Rowling's memorabilia has exploded since then and we're expecting it to sell for up to £150,000. 
Thought you guys might be interested in having a look. Link is here: https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/miniature-harry-potter-manuscript-handwritten-by--13-c-cec4209888
If you have any questions about it feel free to AMA.
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Thanks @Dumbledore 

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Hi @JustCollecting and thank you for posting this. I imagine you’d want this to be seen by fair amount of people to maximise the sale. We wish you the very best in the Auction.

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    • haeju_ahn
      By haeju_ahn
      'Hatstall' is canon.

      What is a 'Hatstall'? It's a person that's hardly sorted into one of Hogwart's houses.
      To simplify it, it's when you can't decide which house you're belong to.
      In HP Wiki, it said that and I quoted:
      'A Hatstall was an archaic term for a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry whose Sorting took more than five minutes because the Sorting Hat found them to have a personality equally suited to different Hogwarts Houses.'
      There are two types of hatstall: True-Hatstall and Near-Hatstall.
      For example, Professor Mcgonagall is a True-Hatstall. It was because the sorting hat spent five-and-a-half minutes wavering between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.
      Harry is a Near-Hatstall. It was because he had a fight as the sorting hat wanted to put him into Slytherin when he wanted anything but Slytherin.
      Known True-Hatstalls are Minerva Mcgonagall and Peter Pettigrew. True Hatstalls were rare, occurring around once every fifty years.
      Known Near-Hatstalls are Harry Potter, Hermione, Neville, Gilderoy Lockhart, etc.
      More info click here
      So, what do you think?
      Are you perhaps one of the Hatstalls?
    • Dumbledore
      By Dumbledore
      Witches and Wizards,
      Help return Brilliant Foundables from the Hall of Prophecy during Part 2 of the Battle of the Department of Mysteries Brilliant Event, starting Tuesday, September 22 at 11 a.m. PT. 

      The Brilliant Foundables featured during this event can be found in the following locations:
      Masked Death Eater - Wizarding Challenges Ginny Weasley - Brilliant Portkey Hermione Granger - Tasks Brilliant Harry Potter - Encounter Brilliant Prophecy Orb - Encounter  
      Brilliant Portkeys for this event will be 1.5km. As a reminder, Part 1 Portkeys will give you Part 1 rewards anytime you open them, even if you wait to open them during Part 2. 
      Don’t forget to pick up your complimentary store pack which will contain the following:
      6x Baneberry 4x Bulbadox Juice 4x Angels Trumpet 2x Erumpent Horn 25 Spell Energy  
      Features Event-only 1.5k Portkeys, Brilliant Foundables, Brilliant Runestones, and Brilliant Event tasks Free store pack featuring: -Ingredients for 1 Tonic for Trace Detection (6 Baneberry, 4 Bulbadox Juice, 4 Angel’s Trumpet, 2 Erumpent Horn) -25 Spell Energy
      All Possible Rewards Earn up to 10 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books!!! Earn up to 15 Restricted Section Books. Earn up to 5 total Spell Books. Earn 50 Gold. Spell Energy rewards! Various other exciting rewards (Ingredients, Potions, and more!) from both regular tasks and bonus tasks.
      Page One of Four
      Collect 2 ingredients or Portmanteaus: 2 Erumpent Horn Brew Regular Invigoration Draught 1 time: 4 Snowdrop Return 5 Brilliant Prophecy Record: Strong Exstimulo Potion REWARD:  550 XP, 50 Brilliant Family XP, 2 Restricted Section Books, 10 Spell Energy As you collect Brilliant Prophecy Records, it may be smart to hold off on placing them in the Registry just yet. Below, you'll see that there will be a task to place Brilliant images later in the quest.

      Page Two of Four
      Use Master Notes to brew faster 2 times: 1 Powdered Dragon Claw Use Regular Invigoration Draught 2 times: 2 Leaping Toadstool Collect 2 Brilliant Event Runestones: 1 Dark Detector REWARD: 750 XP, 75 Brilliant Family XP, 2 Restricted Section Books, 10 Spell Energy
      Page Three of Four
      Earn 7500 Wizarding XP from Challenges: 1 Silver Key Defeat 15 Foes in Challenges: 1 Armadillo Bile Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges with 3 or more teammates: 2 Healing Potions REWARD: 1250 XP, 75 Brilliant Family XP, 5 Restricted Section Books, 10 Spell Energy Checking in on the Knight Bus to see which Ruins Chambers currently has active players is a terrific way to take care of the battling with other teammates if you don't have friends with you playing the game in-person.

      Page Four of Four
      Return 15 Brilliant Harry Potter: 1 Spell Book Earn 500 Brilliant Family XP: 1 Spell Book Collect 15 Mysterious Note Pieces by returning Brilliant Event Foundables: 1 Spell Book REWARD: 1 Brilliant Hermione, 50 Gold, 5 Restricted Section Books, 5 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books, 30 Spell Energy By the time this stage is completed, you will likely be able to place most, if not all, of the Battle of the Department of Mysteries Brilliant Event Part 2 images. Make sure the Bonus task is active before you do so, so you can make use of the final task and get that Silver Key.

      Use Tonic for Trace Detection 2 Times: 1 Granian Hair Return 45 Brilliant Foundables: 1 Spell Book Win in your highest unlocked Chamber: 1 Spell Book Defeat 15 Formidable Foes in Challenges: 1 Scintillation Potion Place 5 Brilliant Images in the Registry: 1 Silver Key REWARD: 2000 XP, 100 Brilliant Family XP, 5 Defense Against the Dark Arts Books, ID Icon, 5 Ginny Weasley, 30 Spell Energy
      Keep an eye out for Bonus Assignments that will be available in game after the main tasks have been completed!
      Please note: To enable as many players around the world as possible to participate safely, this event has been adjusted to facilitate playing from wherever you are. Please remember to adhere to local rules and regulations, and be respectful of others and your surroundings.
    • haeju_ahn
      By haeju_ahn
      In the game, both Nymphadora Tonks and Tulip Karasu are both known as a troublemaker.
      But it's so weird for me to have two characters with very similar traits.
      What do you think differentiate Tonks and Tulip?
      Who do you prefer more as a best friend?


    • Dumbledore
      By Dumbledore
      If you're a fan of Harry Potter you might want to head to your nearest B&M. They're now stocking face coverings in a Harry Potter style for just £2.50 each. With masks now mandatory in shops and some schools, the budget retailer is selling the masks in the gift aisle at stores up and down the country.

      Each face covering is described as 'one size fits most', the Harry Potter masks are adorned with the Hogwarts crest.
    • haeju_ahn
      By haeju_ahn
      What's your favorite subject in Hogwarts? Which class do you want to attend the most?

      You can read the list here: https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Hogwarts_subjects
      For me, I think I would be bad in Charms, Transfiguration or anything to do with casting spell. It's because I wouldn't be able to memorize all of those practical spells. But maybe DADA will be interesting because I like the idea of duelling.
      Herbology and Magical Creatures are also not my things. Also anything about history. My hands are also not good in handling the Potions.
      My favorite subject would be DIVINATION! I'd love to learn about predicting futures like I have always done.
      I'd love to be a great seer one day! 
      How about you?

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