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Things you may have missed in the Harry Potter Films

When adapting a book to a film there tends to be a lot of things that are missed out and Harry Potter is no different. As time went on the Harry Potter books became longer and the film makers along with JK Rowling had to make choices of what to trim down. While taking this in to consideration, it's much easier to place things in the background; the so called 'easter eggs' or things that are hidden in the background which gives fans something to hunt for, or details that are hidden away and flashed on screen for just a few seconds.


For those who are really looking, we've broken down the top 16 of 'Things you may have missed in the Harry Potter Films'.


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Starting off with Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

There's a scene briefly mentioned in the book, Harry needs a new uniform to attend St Brutus's Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys. So rather than going out and buying the uniform needed the Dursleys do the only sensible thing they die Dudley's old uniform gray. This is only briefly mentioned the book but if you look in the back of this scene in the Philosopher's Stone you can actually see petunia dyeing the clothes in the background and it's a nice little touch and an ode back to the book.



The leaky cauldron is Harry's first step into The Wizarding World but did you notice the sign outside seems to be subtly blacked out and it only becomes visible if a wizard walks by?



Harry's scar first begins to burn when Snape is looking at him leaving Harry to believe that Snape is evil and is behind the burning of the scar but in fact his scar is actually burning because we are seeing the back of Professor Quirrell head who is actually 

When Lord Voldermort (He who should not be named)!


Did you spot that McGonagall's name is actually next James Potter's in the trophy case for Quidditch?



Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


Ron's robes in the Chamber of Secrets are slightly more worn in than the rest of his classmates insinuating that their hand-me-downs.



Did you spot the hardcover copies of Harry Potter books in this scene and Chamber of Secrets!



Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

In Quidditch World Cup in the Goblet of Fire which briefly shows Dobby the house-elf and actually another character cut from the film's if you look closely you can actually see Winkie!



Harry Potter and Order of the Pheonix

Did you spot the Starbucks logo in the black family tapestry on the wall.



Did you realise when Professor Dolores Umbridge causing havoc over the new Hogwarts rulesshe becomes more and more powerful her clothes slowly get darker and darker?





Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

In the half-blood Prince when Dumbledore actually shows Harry's first memory of meeting Tom Riddle was a photo of the cave where he would hide one of his Horcruxes actually in the same scene there's a close-up of seven stones placed on the windowsill before his change into Voldemort and splitting his soul into seven pieces.



Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

In the Battle of Hogwarts it's actually Oliver wood on a the broom at the beginning of the sequence heading into battle.


Here you can actually see Trelawney's long flowing hair briefly showing up on screen during the Battle of Hogwarts.



The giant who's wielding a giant axe in the scene isn't wielding an axe at all it's actually a broken ring from the Quidditch pitch.



When Snape is defending himself from McGonagall in the Great Hall not only does he block her spell but he shows his true allegiance subtly he redirects her spell towards the Carrows and just before he flees he actually stops and removes their wands from them.



When Lord Voldermort (He who should not be named) loses more and more of his soul in Deathly Hallows you see his eyes are more sunken in and he develops veins and lesions on his skin which are subtly reminiscent of the cracks in his Elder Wand.


In Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows book the last line reads the 'The scar had not pained Harry for nineteen years. All was well'. This was also the last shot of the film, Harry's scar is almost completely faded.



If I've missed any other fantastic easter eggs, please do let me know!

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Elenwe Caleste

I found some really interesting ones.

Snape's first words to Harry Potter are a code!


Setting the tone for their relationship for the rest of the series, Snape's first words to Harry Potter are in the form of an unreasonable demand of obscure knowledge. "What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?" It's as though someone asked you how many bagels it takes to get to Connecticut -- this is nonsense moon language that no one could possibly understand (except maybe Hermione).

Buit there's more to that question than the dickish exterior. To unpack the true meaning of the statement, you have to root through Victorian Flower Language, which I assume was Rowling's minor at the British version of DeVry University. See, an "asphodel" is a flower from the lily family, meaning "my regrets follow you to the grave." And wormwood is taken to mean "absence." 

So when you spell it out literally, Snape was really saying "I bitterly regret Lily's death."


So while Snape always wore his asshole facade, he reached out to Harry on his very first day. That, or Snape was trying to tell Harry that his mom was way better than he ever could be. It's hard to tell with that guy. 

Dumbledore's office entrance


Like everything in the Harry Potter universe, the entrance to Dumbledore's office entrance is ridiculously ornate and beautiful. There couldn't be a ramp or a few steps, no -- you have to face this giant bronze griffin and ride a magical winding staircase before you get to the actual door. You could almost say it was a griffin...door. Get it, because Gryffindor is a house at Hogwarts, and Dumbledore has a "griffin door." They sound the same, see. Oh, you already knew what puns were? You understood the meaning of the jokey easter egg long before I even said anything? I should really move on and stop embarrassing myself?


Everything is in sevens


The number seven can be seen in every corner of the Harry Potter Universe, mostly because it's the most powerful digit in all of magic. It's not like the wizarding world sells McNuggets in sets of seven just because it's lucky -- the number has actually been shown to make magic more powerful. Voldemort probably factored that into his decision to split his soul into seven Horcruxes.

In a move that mirrored his archenemy, Harry Potter also chose to divide and conquer in The Deathly Hallows Part 1. Each of his friends swigged a polyjuice potion, creating seven Harry Potters during a plot to escape from Death Eaters.


But the magic number isn't only relegated to the Dark Lord and The Boy Who Lived. It's also used by Barty "You Just Realized He Was David Tennant" Crouch Jr., who sealed his captive in a chest with seven locks in order to masquerade around Hogwarts as an impostor Mad-Eye Moody.


Then we have the quidditch team. Each side has three Chasers, two Beaters, one Keeper and one Seeker, making for seven players. And if you line them up just right, they look like an edgy Christian rock group in a Wes Anderson movie.


It just so happens that Mr. 7th Horcrux himself has the number seven on his quidditch jersey.


The number doesn't seem to discriminate between good and evil. You can count seven snakes on the Chamber of Secrets door


There are seven letters in Weasley, and seven Weasley children that found their way out of Molly Weasley's birth canal in an increasingly unceremonious fashion. Ginny Weasley in particular is the seventh Weasley child, the only girl of the bunch. In fact, Ginny is actually the first female Weasley born in seven generations


And of course, there are seven Harry Potter books. They wouldn't be as magical if there were any more, so J.K. Rowling has decided to settle with the video games, the theme park, the website, the candies, the spinoff movie series...


The Secret of the Patronus


As you absolutely remember but pretend to forget in front of your friends, a patronus is a sort of self-defensive laser light show that takes a symbolic form. Harry's patronus is a stag, which represents his father, while Snape's is a doe, which represents his eternal friendzoning by Lily. 

But what about Ron and Hermoine?


Ron's got a dog, specifically a Jack Russell Terrier. Which could mean that he's lovable and loyal and sometimes he has a big red boner no one likes to talk about. But it makes a lot more sense when you look at Hermoine's patronus.


She's got an otter, which just so happens to be an animal that Jack Russell Terriers are known for chasing. Moreover, otters are members of the weasel family, foreshadowing her fate of being shackled to the Weasley clan forever. Too bad you can't Expecto Patronus away a lifetime of regret.


Found these from the website: Dorkly


What is everyone's favorite easter eggs? :)

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Woah, now some of theses I did not know at all!

Brilliant Elenwe.

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On 14/04/2019 at 05:29, Dumbledore said:

Did you spot that McGonagall's name is actually next James Potter's in the trophy case for Quidditch?

ooh~ sporty girl

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