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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everyone! We all know the Harry Potter movies are great, but if you had to choose just one to get rid of, which would it be and why?
  2. When the mood strikes.... What is your ‘go to’ movie from the Harry Potter series? What do I mean by a ‘go to’ movie? Well, I mean the film that acts like a metaphorical comfort blanket. Which one of the films would you instinctively settle down with, when you’re stuck for things to watch? Are you revisiting the films more now that we’re in self isolation? Those members who know me, will know that my favourite film is the ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ - I never get bored of it, and it’s the movie I’ll always have on when ‘pottering’ around the house. Do you watch
  3. Hi everyone, I'm new here but I've just seen a Harry Potter CAR for sale on ebay that is ending soon so wanted to tell you all about it. I wish I could afford it but I can't so thought I'd share it with you. It's the Ford Anglia style from the films and has loads of cool details. Couldron gear stick and wand indicators broom and potions on the roof, house colours inside and school logo on the front. It even has "HP" NUMBER PLATE! IT'S SO COOL!! Check it out: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/363090129920 Ps. I'm not great with technology so excuse quotes and
  4. Discussion: Harry Potter Films - Unimportant parts you wish could've been added! So I'll start it off by not including Winky! However, we do see her and Dobby very very briefly in The Goblet Of Fire, if you're wondering where? I made a whole topic about 'Things you may have missed in the Harry Potter Films'. Winky, dear old Winky; Crouch's House elf. Important as she is, especially with Crouch Senior to the dark mark cast at the Quidditch Cup in The Goblet of Fire film, plus the whole 'drunk winky' fiasco. Of course lets not forget Horrified Hermione learning that she and
  5. Hi Everyone! I want to hear what your top 5 favourite scenes are from the films! It's been so long now since the last instalment of Harry's story released so I'm sure you've all had a lot of time to think about it! Feel free to mention any of your favourite moments from the books too! Here is my list: 5 - Lupin turns into a Werewolf - PoA 4 - Harry hears voices in detention with Lockhart - CoS 3 - Dumbledore vs Voldemort in the Ministry of Magic - OotP 2 - Harry and Ron escape Aragog - CoS 1 - The graveyard scene - GoF
  6. Crocs77

    Parvati and who?

    So, It’s known that Parvati Patil och Lavender Brown are like best friends. But in the films lavender brown looks like padma patil?!?! An example: In the fifth movie, on the dada lesson with slytherin, Parvati and ”Padma” is sitting next to each other in the front row? Padma is wearing a gryffindor cloak-thing on a gryffindore-slytherin lesson? Yes of course this is suppose to be lavender brown but why does she look exactly like her best friend? This was a messy text, but why does Lavender Brown look like Padma Patil in all films except hbp and dh??
  7. Is your room also full of 'Harry Potter' merchandise? Well, Minalima the designer duo behind the 'Harry Potter' films, is now also launching its own wallpaper with designs from the eight films. Image Credits: Pottermore & MinaLima These sirius-ly amazing Minalima wallpapers are a must for any Harry Potter fan! Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima – designers of the graphic universe of the Harry Potter films – have created a capsule collection of five wallpapers featuring iconic designs from the film series. This is an exceptional opportunity to sort out tha
  8. What are your favourite scenes in the Harry Potter films? One of mine (as I have many) is the Mirror of Erised; probably one of the best scenes for me out of the whole series. There are a very few scenes where we get to see Harry’s parents and the emotions on Harry’s face, his longing for his parents. The way his mother Lily, looks at him, the way he stretches his hand to hold her, the way she smiles lovingly at him. What's yours?
  9. What annoyed you most about the Harry Potter films? Me personally, it's the fact that they didn't use a single director for the entire series was perhaps the most annoying part of it for me. Alfonso Cuarón - Got it in my eyes. He knew what he was doing, he knew how to connect with the cast, share his ideas and quite clearly made the best film in the series. And was in my eyes the cloesest to the book, albiet some scenes not making it. So, what most annoyed you about the films?
  10. Things you may have missed in the Harry Potter Films When adapting a book to a film there tends to be a lot of things that are missed out and Harry Potter is no different. As time went on the Harry Potter books became longer and the film makers along with JK Rowling had to make choices of what to trim down. While taking this in to consideration, it's much easier to place things in the background; the so called 'easter eggs' or things that are hidden in the background which gives fans something to hunt for, or details that are hidden away and flashed on screen for just a few seconds.
  11. PinkDeadly12

    Enzic's Introduction

    Hello my name is Enzic. I have always known about the movies but it was not until recently I started really getting into the fantasy genre. I have watch all of the Harry Potter movies and I am now in the progress of watching them again, also, I have ordered a book set. I play video games like Halo and other games. My house is Gryffindor and I think it fits. My wand is Poplar wood with a unicorn hair core, 13 3/4'' and quite bendy flexibility. (not 100% sure it means) My patronus is a Fox Terrier (again not 100% sure what it means)
  12. Harry Potter star Tom Felton has revealed he doesn't think the cast will ever reunite for any more instalments of the franchise. Tom has expressed along with fans who don’t see the need to update the original franchise. Speaking to various sources, Felton was asked if he thought the cast would do another movie. "How much you offering?" he answered. "I'm joking. I don't think it will be reprised, to be honest with you. "I think it was a wonderful eight chapters, and everything that needed to be done was done. I think they'll take it further on in their own dir
  13. The Harry Potter directors took the movies in different directions over the years capturing the magic of the books. What film in the series do you believe was able to really capture the heart of the books, despite a restrictive run time? Would you've sat through a 3+ hour film?
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