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Inspired by our Hufflepuffs who seem to all enjoy reading, I thought we could start a book club! If you've read a book that you really enjoyed, this is the club for you! In a few sentences, tell us about the books/authors you enjoy, without spoiling any storylines! *I'm going to include audio books in this club too, for those of us who don't enjoy reading an actual book*! They do not have to be Harry Potter related! So pull up a chair and sit by the fire, and tell us what you have enjoyed reading lately! Snacks are provided ?

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  2. Lily Potter Jr.

    Comic Books, Manga, Graphic Novels

    You should read Newsprints
  3. moonlightwishes

    Comic Books, Manga, Graphic Novels

    I'm just curious if anyone reads comic books, manga, or graphic novels. If so, what do you read? I use to read them when I was in middle school. I don't know why, but I stopped reading them. I guess maybe because I'm just so use to reading chapter books that I stopped. Now, I realize how dumb it was to give up something that I liked and am in a way rediscovering them now. I'm currently reading the Umbrella Academy and am loving it. What about you? Also, any recommendations?
  4. moonlightwishes

    What book genres do you usually read?

    I'm with you on being drawn to the young adult books. To me, those books tend to have a lot more going on, and are a tad bit more interesting.
  5. xEmmaberryx

    What book genres do you usually read?

    Looking at my bookcase, I tend to go with the young adult umbrella, and normally either romance or fantasy. However, outside of the young adult umbrella, I tend to lean towards sci-fi and fantasy. I own a few biographies, but generally I prefer fiction to non-fiction.
  6. moonlightwishes

    What book genres do you usually read?

    I personally like fiction, and I usually read fantasy and chick-lit. What about you? What kind of books do you usually like to read?
  7. Dumbledore

    Which book or author have you recently picked up?

    Well I finished all 12 Poldark books.... Winston Graham is a fabulous writer, he really knows how to build character.
  8. moonlightwishes

    Which book or author have you recently picked up?

    Thanks to my library branch having an online platform, I just started reading The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn. They've made it into a movie with the wonderful Amy Adams as the lead that's supposed to come out in May, so I'm excited to read it and then watch the movie.
  9. 2ndamigo

    Which book or author have you recently picked up?

    Ooh, I absolutely love Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, I practically grew up reading those collections! I have a soft spot for the the Adventure of the Speckled Band, but I love all of them. Dracula wasn't really my thing, when it comes to classics I think Pride and Prejudice and Frankenstein are my favourites. As for books I've read lately, I was actually gifted a historical biography on Alexander Hamilton recently that turned out to be a somewhat interesting read, if a little dry at times. It's also very long, so it kept me occupied for a good while!
  10. PinkDeadly12

    Which book or author have you recently picked up?

    I picked up many books this month. Books like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, Edgar Allan Poe and Grimms Fairy Tale. Bram Stoker's Dracula and H. P. Lovecraft's Complete Cthulu mythos tales. Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventure in Wonderland and Through the Looking glass and what Alice found there and other stories. Also have ordered a box set of the Harry Potter books by J. K Rowling.
  11. I Love JK Rowling and her books. I also love Cornelia Funke and her Ghost Knight and Inkheart. I was awed by those and I like the plots of the stories.
  12. Renai Leeben Villanueva

    JK Rowling

    Hey! I love of course the one and only JK Rowling because I was so inspired and awed by her works. I really really love them a lot. I've read the battle between good and bad. I also love Rick Riordan because of his Mythological works. I love myths so I'm glad to read his books
  13. xEmmaberryx

    Which book or author have you recently picked up?

    I've been reading a lot lately, but currently I'm reading Boy Erased by Garrard Conley. I'm only about half way through it, but it's such a heavy read, so I'm struggling to read it all in one go. I wanted to read it before I watched the film adaptation of it. I'll just post the full blurb as it doesn't give too much away. The son of a Baptist pastor in a small-town Arkansas, Garrard Conley was outed to his parents at nineteen and forced to attend a church-supported conversion therapy programme that promised to 'cure' him of his homosexuality. Through an institutionalised Twelve-Step programme heavy on Bible study, he was supposed to emerge heterosexual, ex-gay, cleansed of impure urges and stronger in his faith in God for his brush with sin. Instead, even when faced with a harrowing and brutal journey, Garrard found the strength and understanding to break out in search of his true self and forgiveness. At times heartbreaking, at times triumphant, this memoir is a testament to love that survives despite all odds. So far I'm enjoying reading this, but it's also horrifying to realise that the troubles Garrard went through are still prevalent in American society, particularly within the Bible belt. But it's still also educational, honest and raw, which is something I love but struggle with in books.
  14. Morning all, I’ve recently picked up the Poldark series while watching the tv show. However, since series 5 doesn’t actually follow the books I thought I’d make a start on the rest. I believe there’re around 12 books? I maybe wrong. Similar to the Harry Potter books in a sense that it’s been adapted to the screen, the books go into so much more detail about other characters which makes a lot more sense than the TV show. Plot: Into the 1780s and 1790s, Capt. Ross Vennor Poldark returns from the American War of Independence to his home Nampara in Cornwallafter three years in the army. Upon his return home, he discovers his father Joshua has died, his estate is in ruins and in considerable debt, and his childhood sweetheart Elizabeth is engaged to his cousin Francis. In town, Ross encounters a young woman named Demelza Carne, dressed in one of her brother's clothes. After learning that her father repeatedly abuses her, Poldark offers her lodging and work as a kitchen maid. He then strives to help his father's tenants and the people of the village while attempting to run the copper mines he inherited, sought after by his rival, the greedy and arrogant George Warleggan.

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