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Found 11 results

  1. Newt Scamander

    Other magic in the world

    Do You like Harry Potter? (what a silly question, of course you do!) Here are some other magical movies that you may like: 1. The Spiderwick Chronicles: Netflix 2. The Chronicles of Narnia: Disney+ Hotstar 3. Fantastic Beasts: Amazon Prime Video 4. The Lord of the Rings: Netflix, Amazon prime video 5. Pan's Labyrinth: Amazon Prime Video 6. Percy Jackson: Disney+ Hotstar 7. Stardust: Netflix 8. The Kid who Would Be King: Disney+ Hotstar 9. The Hobbit 10. The Golden Compass: Netflix Now, if You have seen any of the above, i would love to hear about it! Your Friend, Newty
  2. Hi Potterheads! Check out this article I wrote for one of my classes to know who would be your Harry Potter soulmate according to your Zodiac sign! 🧙‍♂️ I'm an Aries, so I guess I'll just stay single forever😅 Who did you get? Find Out Your Harry Potter Soulmate According to Your Zodiac Sign
  3. Renai Leeben Villanueva


    Music can be seen around us. It differs from which country you belong. There are also a variety of music like Jazz, Pop, RnB and the likes. Music have so many uses in our daily life. It could be stress reliever, entertainment, etc. I want to know what type of music you listen to, which country does it come from, and who is the artist. I'm gonna share mine. I love Western, K-pop, P-pop, and Christian Music. In Western, I like the boy group One Direction. I love the meaning of their songs and the tune is very relaxing. In K-pop or Korean pop, I like EXO though there are a lot of groups. I'm loyal to them. I love their songs because just by hearing it, you can know what it convey even though you can't understand the song. I also like the dance. P-pop or Pinoy pop, this is my country's own music. I like all Filipino artist, I salute them. I like the tunes and the message it convey. Christian Music or religous music. It gives me inspiration when I feel down. When I feel like nothing will be okay. These musics are my strength during my bad days. Here's mine now it's you turn
  4. Hi everyone, I am re-reading the books and obviously loving them. But last time i read them i was 18 and i'm now 30, and a lot of things look different to me. For example, the relationship between Harry and Dumbledore. Dumbledore cries in the Half-Blood prince when Harry says that he's "Dumbledore's man, through and through". Also when Phineas says that he doesn't think Harry will be more successful in getting information from Slughorn than Dumblebore was, Dumbledore answers with a kind of passion "I wouldn't expect you to, Phineas", and then the Phoenix does a low, musical cry. The phoenix has always been the reflection of Dumbledore's heart in most situations. So I was wondering if any of you ever thought of Dumbledore being actually in love with Harry instead of seeing him like his son, grand-son or student? Obviously Harry is very young but still, their spirits are super connected in the 6th book... Am I the only weirdo thinking this? thanks,
  5. So many characters died in Harry Potter, and no matter how many times we watch those terrible death scenes, we still want to cry our eyes out. Though one upside to so many characters dying (I know what you're thinking 'there is no upside' but just wait) is that when people come up to us and say "Harry Potter is just for kids" we can say "What movie sires just for kids has like over ten characters die in just one film?". But let's just pretend for the sake of it that we had the ability to bring back one character from the dead. Who would you bring back? And why? And are there any characters you think should have died but didn't? SPOILER ALERT! This space in the text has been made so that anyone who has not watched all the films or movies can be sure that they will not be spoiled unless they read on. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I looked online and made a list of the characters who died, (I did not include all the deaths just main characters and left out most of the ghosts and magical creature) Colin Creevey. ... Bellatrix Black Lestrange. ... Nymphadora Tonks Lupin. ... Remus John Lupin. ... Severus Snape. ... Fred Weasley. ... Harry Potter. ... Tom Marvolo Riddle/Voldmort Crabb hedwig Peter Pedigrew Sirius Black Dobby Cedric Diggery Lavender Brown Quirral James Potter Lily Potter/Evens Moaning Myrtle Barty Crouch senier Mad eye moody Pandora Lovegood Albus Dumbledore Rufus scrimor Bathilda Bagshot And that's not even including the cursed child! Also, sorry for any spelling errors.
  6. Harry Potter has had a huge impact on today’s generation for those who’ve grown up reading and watching these books and films. Which movies or books have made a biggest impact on you?
  7. Renai Leeben Villanueva

    JK Rowling

    Hey! I love of course the one and only JK Rowling because I was so inspired and awed by her works. I really really love them a lot. I've read the battle between good and bad. I also love Rick Riordan because of his Mythological works. I love myths so I'm glad to read his books
  8. This theory has been going around for quite a while now, but I thought why don't we revisit it? The theory goes that Ginny used a love potion on Harry probably in and around the time of the half blood prince. Why I think it could be true: Until the half blood prince , Harry didn't seem to have any romantic feelings for Ginny, he just saw her as a friend. Only the year before he was obsessing over Cho Chang, but that got cut off. We know that Ginny has been crazy who Harry ever since she met him. She even have him a Valentine's card in one of her selfie years, so she had the motive. We also know that stubborn was teaching them about love potion the same year Harry started getting feelings for half ginny . You also see Ginny and some of the other girls seeming quite interested in the love potions at Weasely wizards weezes. So maybe Ginny have one to Harry? You might be wondering though why he doesn't act how Ron did then when Romilda Game have him a love potion? Ron after very strange and love sick, but Harry doesn't seem to act that strange or els somone would have notesed, his love was a bit more suttle. Maybe Ramilda's potion was more powerful? Or maybe Ron consumed more of it than harry? Who knows. But it's still it's interesting to think about even if we don't know if it's true. Though I never really thought they were right for each other anyway. I think Harry and Luna should have got together personally. Team Huna! Tell me what you think below! Did Ginny really use a love potion on harry? And if you don't think they fit together, who do you ship Harry and Ginny with instead? I'd "love" to know to know what you think ☺
  9. always.pottering13

    A Talk About Ginny Weasley

    So, I'm probably gonna get some hate for this but I just cannot stand Ginny Weasley. Now, Yes, I have read the books and she is wayy better in the books. But even then, I just still don't get the hype about her character. I don't hate her but I don't get the whole "Ginny is so cool" thing. To me, the only ark she really had was she was the only daughter in the Weasley family and she was really good at quidditch, but for me I felt she was really boring. Plus, I can't tell you how much I dislike "Hinny". Harry and Ginny just make no sense whatsoever. Like one day Harry just knew Ginny as Ron's little sister and the next day his was talking about how nice her skin is and that he's falling in love? Sounds like a love potion to me... And sure in the books there was way more development and it DID make more sense, but it still was kinda odd. I also felt like she was funny and more bad girl type in the books but I still can't find a way to like her. I felt like she was a pretty forced character and she was made important at the very end. And I mean come on, I love J.K but Ginny actually getting with Harry is, first off boring-ly convenient, like of course Harry just magically realizes that he's been in love with his best friends little sister all this time and Ginny has this huge school girl crush on "The Harry Potter" for most of her Hogwarts years and Harry is her older brothers best friend, and then he just starts loving her. I mean cmon, that is so forced and honestly kinda boring. Is this just me? What are your thoughts?
  10. Lily Potter Jr.

    Pairings you wish happened

    I was pretty happy with J.K.'s ending to the Deathly Hallows, but I really wish that Luna and Neville got together. They were so perfect.
  11. Rain

    This is Me

    Hello! I'm Rain and I'm 18 years old. I'm a member of Iglesia Ni Cristo. I'm currently a First year college student in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. I love to read books since I was young. And I one time, my classmate lend me a Harry Potter book which is the fifth one. Since then, I started to read it and I find ways to read the others too. I love 'em all very much. I also watched the films but to my dismay, many scenes are gone while some where changed. I'm happy now to be a part of this and I wish I learn more things here and meet new people too.
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