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Harry Potter Hoodies


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Harry Potter Hogwart's Crest Frauen Kapuzenpullover schwarz Fan-Merch, Filme, Hogwarts



Fan merch, movies, Hogwarts Hooded sweatshirt with the following features:

Long sleeve 65% cotton and  35% polyester Girl hoody

Normal sleeve


Durable materials

Fit: Regular

EMP Exclusive! You can only get this item from us!


Thanks to @Lily1979 for letting us know about this :)

Buy here from Amazon for 42,37€

Bad news is that I can only find it on the German Amazon site. But here are hoodie

ideas on UK Amazon: 


£28.99, Click here :)


Available in all 4 house colours and is both for children and adults! click here :>


Click here :)

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  • Headmaster

Links seem to work fine, but I’m not affiliated with the Amazon DE. So you can just use the normal links. The software doesn’t alter anything other than ‘.co.uk’.


I will see if I can get it to work so the links become affiliated.

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From a google search, it looks like the currency in the UK is Pounds Sterling (GBP). 1 USD = 0.75 GBP


So if something costs £100 in the UK., that is $132 for you. Usually a lot of items are actually cheaper in the US anyway so try looking on a US site. And also you wouldnt want to buy from the UK because you could be paying a lot in delivery and import taxes. 

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Becaus i will support Hogwarts, but i will not support any of the other houses than ravenclaw (i'm not trying to be rude or be mean, i am just a ravenclaw and it would be weird do were a Slytherin hoodie around)

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Just now, Potter genius said:

Ya, i don't have a profile picture of my real face, so i bet half of people think that!

There are plenty of hoodies for males too (I’m assuming you’re a boy). Just search Ravenclaw hoodies on Amazon or google and youll get plenty of results.  



These 3 are from the official Harry Potter shop. £50 = $67

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Well i made a girl only club and a boy only club. Who else was going to make a girl-only club? so i will not be on the girl-only club to much. sorry if i gave you any weird ideas

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