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Professor Snape trending #8 on Twitter


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A bit random but I thought I’d share.9B3F57A1-29AB-4597-8534-1FC81AF83971.thumb.png.f226893c814e387ba8b5866db8fd3e45.png





Another completely unrelated event also happened a couple of days ago: 




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  • Headmaster

I love the KDX reply. Genius!


It seems Snape will always be around.

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    • ProfessorSnape
      By ProfessorSnape
      In the 6th film Professor Snape, Professor McGonagall and the trio are in Professor McGonagall's classroom discussing about the cursed necklace and Harry says that he is sure that it is Draco who is responsible for the cursed necklace and Katie Bell’s behaviour. Professor Snape says, "You just know? (sarcastically) Oh how grand it must be to be the chosen one..." Just a random thought that I had when I watched this scene but I'm wondering if Professor Snape is secretly impressed with Harry and how he's already figured out that Draco is up to something? Obviously Professor Snape and Dumbledore already know this but they can't reveal it to Harry which makes this scene all the more ironic because Snape is trying to ridicule Harry but I'd like to think he's secretly impressed. 
      (Dramatic Irony is where the audience knows something that the character doesn't)
      What do you think?
    • Dumbledore
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      Harry Potter author JK Rowling took to her Twitter and shared a Harry Potter fan video showing how Harry Potter would do his laundry.
       Recently, JK Rowling shared one such video by her fan on social media. In the video, the fan has shown his take on how Harry Potter would do his laundry.
      In the video shared by JK Rowling, two fans are seen playing with a washing machine. The two boys are playing Hedwig’s theme from Harry Potter on the controlling buttons of the washing machine. They have also used the front loading door of the machine to play the tune. In the Harry Potter video, one of the boys is seen wearing glasses and a cape. At the end of the video, the boy wearing cape and glasses is seen getting behind a small cupboard under the stairs as the other one goes upstairs after locking the cupboard’s door.
      The unique and hilarious take on Hedwig’s theme by these two boys is winning the internet. In the caption of the video, it is mentioned that the video took almost 5 hours to achieve perfection. JK Rowling talked about this in caption after retweeting the video. She said that it was definitely not a waste of 5 hours. Several fans commented that these boys would be in for a beating if their mom ever found out about this. A lot of fans praised them for their creativity and efforts.
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      Are you looking for a new logo for your twitter or facebook account, or maybe for your website?

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      We have fixed the issue with Twitter, you can now sign in by using your Twitter account.

      As you see by the screen shot;
      You can update your email address on TWW if changed on Twitter Use your Twitter profile picture as your avatar on TWW Use your Twitter cover photo as your cover photo on TWW
      To access the setting please go to your profile account settings found here
      Note: You can SIGNOUT at anytime from your Twitter account via your account settings.
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