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So proud of my Ravies

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394 points. It's just perfect.




*ruins it by posting this*

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394 points. It's just perfect.     *ruins it by posting this*

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    • AnotherWeasley
      By AnotherWeasley
      I just saw I earned the trophy for making 10 topics. I went to the thread about the extra house points and saw "Create 10 topics (anywhere on the forums) = 150".
      I didn't get the extra points and neither did Ravenclaw or are they rewarded later on?
      Same thing for the 5 posts per day
    • Lily Potter Jr.
      By Lily Potter Jr.
      What do you think?
    • Dumbledore
      By Dumbledore
      Hogwarts House Points (EXTRA)
      Earn extra points for your chosen house
      Make 5 posts in a day = 50 Make 10 posts a day = 100 Make 30 posts a day = 300 Create 5 topics (anywhere on the forums) = 50 Create 10 topics (anywhere on the forums) = 150 Create 30 topics (anywhere on the forums) = 500 Points awarded for creating a status = Points awarded for replying to a status =  
      Daily/Weekly/Monthly points
      Daily Points = 5 Weekly Points = 10 Monthly Points = 15  
      *NOTE: All these are on top of the points that you can already earn, below is how you can earn house points.
      The Points System for TWWForums
      New students signup. 5 Points The topic starter. 2 Points Replies to the topic starter (if someone replies to their topic in each forum). 1 Point Students get for each post. 1 Point Auto reset for points. Points are reset on the 1st September At the end of the year, the member with the most points will win a Harry Potter prize!  
      Inviting friends earns you house points!
      If you recruit/recommend a member, you get 50 house points for each person you recruit/recommend to join. However, this person must be sorted for you to be rewarded, and they must mention that you referred them.
    • xEmmaberryx
      By xEmmaberryx
      I'm going to be honest here, this is a bit of a random one. I was watching a friends stream, and remembered they were in a different house to me. And it got me thinking, does their personality reflect their house traits?
      For example, I'm a Slytherin but I think my personality (the part everyone sees) for the most part I come across outwardly as a Hufflepuff. And that's because on first meet and until I'm comfortable I don't come across too much of a sarcastic, more reserved person. Then once you get to know me, I can definitely be a mix of Slytherin and Ravenclaw, depending on my mood or topic of conversation.
      Whereas my streamer friend is a Hufflepuff. And it matches them so well. They're so kind to everyone, just and loyal. Honestly, they are so sweet and get along with everyone. The more vicious side of the honey badger comes through when they rage at games and it's honestly so fitting. 
      Obviously, this is just my powers of observation, and it could be completely different for you. If you do use any names when mentioning friends, feel free to change them if you're not comfortable with using their actual name. This was just a random thought and I thought it would be quite curious to see if others get like this sometimes.
    • haeju_ahn
      By haeju_ahn
      Welcome to the ASTROLOGY world!

      img credit to owner
      There are 12 signs, included 4 elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) and 3 types (Cardinal/Initiation, Fixed/Stabilization, Mutable/Adaptatation).
      3 x 4 = 12. Yeah, that's how it works.
      Because each signs have their own traits and the thing that they value, why not sort them into Hogwart's houses? Without further ado, let's go!
      Let's start with the easy one...
      1. Aries
      2. Leo
      3. Sagittarius
      Move to the blue house!
      4. Gemini
      5. Aquarius
      6. Pisces
      What's your astrology sign (sun)?  Does it fit your house? Which sign fits your personality the most?

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