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I noticed there aren't many clubs, so here is one. Join to chat about Harry Potter and other things.
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  2. Dumbledore

    Introduce Yourself!

    Brilliant! I bet she was happy😂
  3. Daniella9658

    Introduce Yourself!

    Cool! I used to have a Griffindor swetshirt but got too old. I also wanted to buy a wand but my mom stop me from buying it. I bought my best friend a Prefect badge as she was the one who I used to get obsessed over the books with. We even had a pact that whoever had the chance to meet first Daniel Radcliffe (closets human to being Harry, lol) would marry him. We would test each other on silly facts about him, I still remember his favorite soda was Diet Coke, ha. The funny part is that all of this was when we were like 10-11 y-o and then when we were like 23 she saw him exciting a t
  4. Dumbledore

    Introduce Yourself!

    I like Lego now, but I prefer collecting merchandise. My favourite is the UK Blu-ray 32 disc Wizards Collection and the UK/Europe Elderwand Collection. The above was my most expensive purchase at over $500, and they now sell for over $1000 (in mint condition). The Elderwand Collection isn’t worth as much but still a lovely piece. And I recently started collecting the books in various different styles.
  5. Daniella9658

    Introduce Yourself!

    Its cool you did this site! Forums tends to get quickly outdated sadly, but doing a new one gives it a fresh start and a fresh new chance! Do you like Lego to this day? Like collecting it? What HP collectables do you have? Right now I only have the chocolate frog box and the complete Bloombergs collection of the books, I wanted literally the original writing (english from the UK, not US) and the adult covers as I have just turned 30, so thought that would be more suitable :P lol
  6. Dumbledore

    Introduce Yourself!

    I was late to the series. I remember I was forced to watch the first two films and I didn’t like it. It wasn’t until Azkaban came out that I looked into the series. There was so much advertising and promo’s about the film. Plus, I think that fact that the cast looked older that I was more interested. From there I was hooked... I ended up here as I wanted to build a forum community online away from social media platforms like; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. My researched showed all the online forums were outdated and unsupported on modern phones/tablets. I’ve been a member of a
  7. Daniella9658

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hello everyone! I'm new to the site and saw this group as an interesting one as we are not that many people, so we can actually talk and get to know each other. Why don't we introduce ourselves? I'm Dani. I am re-reading Harry Potter after almost 15 years. I read the books when I was the same age as Harry in each book and somehow it made me love it even more. Now I feel I can have a completely different point of view and that is why I am reading them again. Also as a little confession, even though I was OBSESSED with HP growing up I only read till the 5th book because I

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