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Calling all Harry Potter fans! Here at Remembered we are offering you the opportunity to own a piece of charitable merchandise in the form of our Tommies, signed by the Harry Potter star Warwick Davis! They have been working closely with us to remember our fallen from WW1 and it is not too late for you to do the same. The purchase of these Tommies will go a long way to remembering the fallen as well as helping todays veterans on the run up to Christmas. Head to our website: https://shop.therebutnotthere.org.uk/products/golden-ticket-tommy to purchase your personally signed Tommy whilst they are still available!

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    • By Dumbledore
      Fantasic new range of Harry Potter Christmas jumpers - Amazon
      Every year just before Christmas I'm on the lookout for my next #HarryPotter Christmas jumper, however I've always been a little disappointed to never find exactly what I want. However this year has changed that when I came across these little jems! Great Christmas gift to yourself or a loved one, or just to be extra special at work (I mean, who wouldn't right?).
      Officially Licensed Product All Sizes Acrylic Machine Washable Regular Fit Long Sleeve Quality Knitted Christmas Jumper Crew neckline with ribbed trim Unisex Design Harry Potter Christmas Jumper Hogwarts Skyline Candle Light Up Official Knitted

      To Buy:
      Harry Potter Christmas Jumper Hogwarts Express Official Beige Knitted Xmas

      To Buy:
    • By Dumbledore
      I can hear you now, 'not another website', why should I join? What do I get, what's in it for me, and why have you made the website?

      I'll admit, I was a later comer to the Harry Potter series. Believe it or not, it wasn't till I saw promo advertising Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban at my first job. Now, don't get me wrong I had seen Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone & Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets when they came out on DVD! (Not Bluray). But I didn't like the movies, I didn't 'get it'. So after looking through the promo advertising it looked far more interesting, plus the fact that Hermione (Emma Watson) was my age, she looked pretty. I bought the DVD, took it home that evening, setup the DVD and TV, sat down and watched it.... I LOVED IT! From that day forth I've been hooked.
      Despite your own preferences, is widely known as the best film in the series. (Just saying)
      Right enough about me, so why the site? I have always wanted to create a website/community and be forum based. I have experiences in the past of running websites and forums, one of the biggest for me was way back in the early 2000s. I had over 4000 members and done reasonably well.
      It seems the older I get the more and more I get into the Harry Potter Universe. So while over the years I've been learning how to run and host websites, I thought now would be a good a time as any to start a new challenge, albeit 17 years late!
      So in the middle of 2016, I set off on my new path to find active forums dedicated to Harry Potter and to my surprise I found many, yet over 80% were either dead communities, or hardly active. But my biggest issue I found while searching Google is that many seemed stuck in the early 2000's in terms of software and design. Some sites were using software that was 10 years out of date! Some were designed with loads and load and loads of pictures, what a nightmare that must look on a mobile or tablet! That fact was, they were just old and hadn't moved on.....
      While continuing my search I found some used EOL (End of Life) software which are no longer support and could potentially be hacked, putting the members and their site at risk, which to me makes me think the staff put the site in a low priority list. There simply is no excuse for it and something I will not tolerate, nor expect any member to accept.
      Now while some of the site designs are 6-10+ years old and are great for desktops, these just simply don't work for mobile/tablets devices these days. And this is where I found my niche, provide a platform which is modern, clean and device friendly while incorporating the latest social media's namely: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and GooglePlus.

      TWW/TFN will always use the latest and modern software, my aim is to make it clean, fluid and user friendly. (And that's the biggest part for me to get right, BEING USER FRIENDLY).

      A Final Note:
      The more you visit the forums, the more you'll see me ask for advice, opinions, comments and suggestions on how I can make the site better. Be that; Adding an extra forum, extra user groups, etc. I've created a section to have your say, and please do. Make a post, tag me and I'll look into it.
    • By Dumbledore
      Sainsbury's are currently selling Harry Potter gifts, great for stocking fillers this Christmas!

      All will be found in your local Sainsbury's on a carboard shipper usually placed at the food to go areas and customer services (next to magazines).
      Harry shopping!

      Harry Potter Colour Change Glass
      Fill this Harry Potter Colour Change Glass with a cold drink and watch it change

      Harry Potter Hogwarts Playing Cards
      Set of Harry Potter Hogwarts antique-effect playing cards Featuring the house crests and symbols of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin Presented in a gold embossed burgundy tin 100% official merchandise Perfect for all your favourite card games on rainy days, long journeys and family holidays! £5

      Set of 4x metal-fronted, cork-backed coaster, one for each of the Hogwarts Houses.

      Light up any room with your dazzling...keyring! Ok, your smile's pretty good too - but it doesn't show off your abundance of love for Harry Potter, does it? Must have for all fans.
      More Info
      - Harry Potter Magic Potion Light Up Keyring
      - Illuminating potion bottle with Hogwarts crest
      - Keychain included
      - Boxed, great gift idea
      - 100% official merchandise

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