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Coincidental Moments.

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The title doesn't do this justice. Basically, have there ever been any moments in your life where you used a Harry Potter spell in normal conversation or mentioned someone's name and they've appeared?


I've had quite a few but here's two instances. 

  • Waiting for my lecturer (who we'll call C) and I text my friend: Accio C. As soon as it sent, he walked round the corner. 
  • Literally today, mentioned to one friend the name of another (Imo). Imo popped up on messenger as soon as it sent. 


It's times like this it's like I'm magic. I just have the power to summon people, whether I need them or not. 


Have you had any moments like this?

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      JK Rowling. On accusations Harry Potter promotes Satanism: “A very famous writer once said, 'A book is like a mirror. If a fool looks in, you can't expect a genius to look out.'
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