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Are Hogwarts students taught Maths & English? (Non-Magical Classes)

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I was Tweeted at today and asked; ' who are Hogwarts’ English and maths teachers? As far as I can tell, they never get taught the basics, so where do they learn them?'

This made me wonder if children who attend or graduate from Hogwarts have an education that can be used in the Muggle world? Do students learn English and Maths?

As Tweeted here:

With some research we can see that Arithmancy is taught but that's the study of the magical properties of numbers, not maths.

How do younger wizards and witches get educated in basic skills like reading and writing?

  • We see very little of this in the books, although obviously the kids entering Hogwarts have been trained in some of these basic skills or they wouldn’t be able to handle the classes the face at Hogwarts. Given the very medieval nature of the wizarding world, I suggest that most kids are trained either by their parents in basic reading, writing, and math, or are trained in small one-room schools with a relatively few children and one teacher. This training would cover the basics and enough pre-magic theory to produce kids who can function in wizarding society.


Currently taught at Hogwarts

  • Herbology = Botany/Gardening
  • Care of Magical Creatures = Zoology/Veterinary Science
  • Arithmancy = Arithmetic/Mathematics
  • Potions = Chemistry/Cookery/Pharmacology
  • Astronomy = (Astro)physics/Mathematics/Geography (of the Heavens)
  • Charms = Latin/Drama/Kinetics
  • DADA = Physical Education/Chemistry/Physics
  • Divination = Mathematics/Psychology/Philosophy/Lunacy
  • Ancient Runes = History/Logic/Mathematics/Linguistics
  • Transfiguration = Physics/Biology (bioenergetics)/Physical Education
  • History of Magic = History/Tolerance (of boredom)
  • Flying = Physical Education/Driving Lessons
  • Muggle Studies = History/Sociology/Technology etc.


I'm very interested if anyone does know or has their own ideas on the matter. We'd love to hear your comments.

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I would assume they at least have Maths and English up until age 11, so that children who have grown up in the Wizarding World are at an equal level to those raised in the Muggle World. As for learning there, I think there would be a section for Maths and English, even if it's in the Muggle Studies section. 
Since the books are set in the 90s, there's only about 80 years of consistent cinema, politics and Muggle history would be a big one to look at, but I would hope there's a section on what Muggle children learn and that would be the way to incorporate Maths and English in. Artimacy would presume to have problems to solve, to understand the properties. And with Latin, there must be someway for the Latin to be translated into English. 

Overall though, I think that Maths and English are probably self directed and up to the students, with the limited supply the Hogwarts library would have. 

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Renai Leeben Villanueva

Before getting a Hogwarts Letter they went to muggle schools and in there, they were given Math and English lessons. Also, Hogwarts don't teach alien language and students are doing essays so they're still learning English. Arithmancy is Math-like. So I think Muggles and Wizards are the same 

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Maria Jalba

English isn't în Harry Potter books, but it's really an important thing! Witches  are possibly learned at home English and at school they know this language perfectly

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I thought that muggle born children went to school as usual before going to Hogwarts. Magical children I assume would either go to a muggle primary school, so they'd have to learnt to read and write etc, or are taught at home. I'm trying to remember who said that the Weasley's were all taught at home by Mrs Weasley ... I assume that pure blood children are more likely to be taught at home - a lot of them don't like muggles! For half blood children I wonder if it's more likely they'll go to a muggle school or not. My concern would be how they'd manage the magic. Whilst with Harry any magic he did at school seemed to be very mild, but as far as we know he was the only wizard in the school. A family such as the Weasley's would find it harder to control their magic, especially if they have each other to persuade them! I imagine larger families like theirs would be taught at home for safety reasons more than anything else! Especially with Fred and George in a class 😂

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On 08/11/2019 at 18:35, kaedequinn said:

I thought that muggle born children went to school as usual before going to Hogwarts. Magical children I assume would either go to a muggle primary school, so they'd have to learnt to read and write etc, or are taught at home.

What about the pure bloods? The malfoys wouldn't want 'their children' mixing with MUGGLES!

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Ruth Merry

Advanced Maths and English could well be included in Muggle Studies. Children would have been at regular schools or home taught before going to Hogwarts

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