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If you had a Time Turner in the Muggle world what time would you travel to and why?

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Time. It is one of every person's common enemy. In the Wizarding World, there is one item you can use  to travel through time. It is the Time Turner. You can travel to the past with it. In the Muggle world, they are trying to develope a Time Travelling Machine in which you can go back to the Past or you can go in the Future.


If you have the chance to get hold of one, which item would it be, which time would you travel to and why?



For me, I'll use the Time Travelling Machine and I will return back the time when I was being bullied during my first year in High School. I want teach myself how to be strong back then. I want myself to fight back. Don't be so hopeless and miserable.

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Whenever I think of time, I think of the Deloreon from Back to the Future, so I'd probably avoid messing with time entirely.

However, if I had to choose, I would go for the time machine. There are quite a few moments from when I was a teenager I would return to - Unlink my Wattpad from my Facebook, continue writing during my first two years at secondary school, break up with a predominately online ex in a Facebook message not on my Facebook timeline and little things like that. 

The one I would actually return to though is still from when I was teenager. I was 14 and had a crush on one of the boys I did martial arts with. I thought he was cute, and I was apparently into the whole blond hair, blue eyes thing back then. Two of my friends offered to tell my crush how I felt, once I'd gone home, and would tell me the next time we saw each other. Fast forward a couple of days, and I found out that my crush said, "the only reason I won't date her is because she's ugly." 

Now, I was never one for being insecure about the way I looked - I was always aware I didn't fit in with the popular crew, but my friends liked me for who I was. I'd sort of come to terms with that's the way I look. But hearing that, well that sure was a blow to how I viewed my body. I would just go back and tell that girl that he isn't worth it, and to not let it stick with you, even when you're happy with your body image again.

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I'd go back to when I was leaving School. I had a few ideas on what I wanted to do but didn't have much support around me to push me to do the things I wanted to do. I missed out on these when younger but If I had just followed through with it, or just continued to fill out forms and not doubt my self I'd be in a different position. However, later in life I've done the things I wanted to do back and I'm now around people who have my best interest at heart and support me!


Wish I started this site 10 years earlier for starters!


Gone are the days of the OLD Veritaserum forums...

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