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Hey everyone!


Thought I'd jump on and tell you all that Pottermore is making the full transition to WizardingWorld.com. They explain it all here but just in case you haven't seen it, I figured I'd copy it into here. The link is also posted at the bottom if you prefer to do it through the article itself.  I'll also try to answer any questions, as I'm already on the WizardingWorld.com site. 


Engorgio Pottermore... We're moving to WizardingWorld.com - our new, bigger home for all of the magic you love. Here's everything you need to know.


After seven years of providing you with all the latest Wizarding World reports, analysing every single facet of the Harry Potter stories, breaking news about the Fantastic Beasts films, challenging your fandom with some rather tough quizzes and, of course, asking you to discover your true Hogwarts house, we can now announce... that we're going to do more of it! Just next door at our new home, WizardingWorld.com.


It's a bit like The Burrow; we're magically adding a few extra floors to our house and throwing in some Extension Charms, bringing over the content you know and love from Pottermore.com, and adding some new, enhanced surprises. A visit to Pottermore.com will redirect to WizardingWorld.com - but don't worry, you haven't made a mistake with your Floo Powder. It is still, very much, the online home of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. 


We've been busy working on a variety of exciting projects to make your journey through the Wizarding World even better, requiring an even better website to show it all off. 


For now, create a Wizarding Passport on WizardingWorld.com using your Pottermore account details - all your existing traits will then move over to the new site. That's your Hogwarts house, wand and Patronus. Your Wizarding Passport is your very magical identity that holds your Wizarding World credentials in one place. 


Stay tuned to see what happens next, and we'll see you at our new house just as soon as we've shifted all the furniture. 


Pottermore Link



What do you think about this move? Do you think it's good? What about the passports? At the moment they're pretty lacklustre, but the site is still in its early stages. Let us know! 

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I'm interested in how they're going to handle the sorting process once more. A lot of people are very happy in their house and don't want to do it all again. I can't work out for the life of my why they've taken this route, unless it's a software thing and they want everyone off an old platform and one to a new one.

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I think the choice of "new house" is misleading, especially if they want to revamp the sorting process. Currently if you sign in with your Pottermore credentials you don't have to redo the Sorting Hat quiz, the Wand Quiz or Patronus Quiz if you've already done it. And I think that sticks. At least my Wizarding passport hasn't changed from my Pottermore credentials. 

I think it could be a software thing, but the site is still in very early days I can see a lot of kinks would need to be ironed out before they can even think about changing the sorting process. It's something to think about in the future, but as of right now I don't think they'll change it. 

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Yeah,  I knew this from my Twitter and Gmail account. And when I log-in for my account in Pottermore, it automatically become WizardingWorld.com and it ask me to change my password. 

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    • xEmmaberryx
      By xEmmaberryx
      TL;DR - WizardingWorld Updates - Update 1 - App, Sorting Quiz and Current Issues. 
      Dated: 02/10/2019.
      Hey everyone! 
      You're probably fed up of seeing my name across most of the forums, however, I thought I'd open this one up before the move expands globally. I'll also keep my thoughts and updates on this to this thread from now on. 
      As you're all aware, Pottermore recently moved to WizardingWorld.com. This had brought an official WizardingWorld app, which is on the Apple App Store and Google Play. Currently this app seems to be available only in Great Britian, however, there is an extension for anyone wanting to do the new sorting quiz. It will only be the reimagined version and from what I understand, will not affect you taking it officially on the app. This can be found on the WizardingWorld Twitter, or here. I had to type the link out so if it doesn't work please let me know, or you can follow this link to the Tweet that has the link.
      I can hear questions about the sorting quiz, so first I'll answer those. 
      Do I have to take the sorting quiz? Absolutely not. If you use your Pottermore credentials, your passport will have your house, wand and Patronus saved. You don't have to take the quiz if you don't want to. Will the sorting hat sort me into a different house? Maybe! My house is Slytherin and I got sorted into Ravenclaw.  But what if I want to stay in my house? That's completely fine. On the first taking of this quiz, you get the choice to move to your new house, or stay in your current house. Like Harry tells Albus Severus, "the sorting hat takes your choice into account."  Can I take the quiz more than once? Yes! But only after the first time do you get the choice to change your house. The hat will not change its mind. Your house won't change once you've decided to stay or switch houses.  How does it work? On the app you have the option of having sound on or using subtitles. You can also use selfie mode to, I assume, have the hat on your head. Some of the questions require you to move or tilt the device you're using, so be prepared for that. I'd assume for the website extension that it works similarly to before, where you use arrows to scroll between the different answers.  How many questions are there? There are 8 questions that I answered. I'd assume they're the same set questions, but as I recall for the Patronus quiz, there were different questions for different attempts.  Are there any differences from Pottermore's original quiz? I'm sure there are, but my memory is flaky. The last time I took the Pottermore quiz was when I was 15/16. And I hardly remember what I did three days ago. I think there's just a little bit more variety on one of the questions, and updated animations.  

      With the introduction of the new app, as with any app or game at launch, there are a few bugs and kinks that will need to be ironed out. The ones I found can be ironed out with a few updates. Currently here are some that I, or others have experienced. 
      Crashing - The app has crashed a few times after I've left certain sections. I found after a few attempts and a little patience it seemed to sort itself out.  Unresponsiveness - I tried to enable camera in app and it just didn't respond. Whether it was slow or just didn't process the tap or the holding of the button is something I don't know. It could be a code thing, but this was the only instance on my first test that I found to be unresponsive. Slowness - It wasn't horribly bad with me, but with any new app it won't run smoothly, or even quickly. Just some patience and things should eventually load. This is definitely something I see being fixed in an update. Having to log into the app every time - Okay, so I've exited the app four times and three of the four I had to log back in. On the fourth opening it remembered me. It was just annoying, especially when I had to exit, give the app permissions and then go back into it and retype my email and password. I'll keep an eye on it but for the time being I think I'm just going to have to keep logging in.  Having to redownload content - Where I'd left the Sorting Hat quiz a couple of times to try and get the camera to work, I had to download the quiz each time. The third time was a lot quicker than the first or second, but it shouldn't be a thing that needs downloading multiple times. Not letting you choose - This hasn't happened to me, but I've seen quite a few people sign in with their Pottermore account, take the test, then forcing them to be sorted into their new houses. They've been disappointed because they know in their heart they are their current house, not their new house. I'll keep an eye on this one, but it definitely needs to be fixed.  EDIT - My friend used a different email and it seemed to fix itself and give her her correct house. I'm not sure if this will work for everyone else, but I thought I'd throw this out as a suggestion to try.   
      I haven't explored the app in its entirety yet, but from what I have seen so far, it does seem like a lot of the information from Pottermore is already on the app. Which means its probably already on the site. I'll have a more in depth look later. I just wanted to get this post to everyone, so that any questions could be answered. 
      Let us know if you have any questions! If you've taken the quiz did you get sorted into a different house? Did you stay in your current house or change? Were you happy with the new house? Also, please let me know if I've missed important information. This is my first time doing a post like this. If you like this sort of update post I'll happily do more. 
    • Dumbledore
      By Dumbledore
      Please Note: We're a Harry Potter fan community and do this for fun in our spare time!
      Harry Potter Content Creators / Hogwarts Prefects
      Calling all Creatives:
      Have you had aspirations of writing for the Daily Prophet? Well, while we may not be able to help you realise that particular dream, we would like to think that here at TheWizardingWorld | Harry Potter Fan Forum, we can offer the next best thing, because we are currently on the lookout for content creators to join our team. Can you sniff out an exciting Harry Potter story? Can you provide quick, creatively current write ups on anything from newly released Harry Potter clothing lines, to news of someone paragliding down the French Alps in full Harry Potter costume (yes, that did actually happen)! However unbelievable or unremarkable a story may seem; if you find something Harry Potter related, that you think fellow fans ought to know about too, then we’d love for you tell us about it here on the forums first! 
      If writing’s not for you, don’t worry though, because there are also several other ways that we are looking to grow our community and have you involved. Do you fancy yourself as more of a House Prefect, perhaps? We want those, too….
      Kaede is the most recent addition to our team, having been elected as a House Prefect for HufflePuff House & Emma has joined as our Slytherin Prefect in 2019, so you’ll find her in the ‘HufflePuff Common Room’ section of the site, meeting new students and making them feel welcome as they negotiate their first few days at TWWForums. We’ve got lots of exciting projects in the pipeline, so we need more fans to join Kaede in managing our other Common Rooms… Do you enjoy meeting and chatting to new people? Are you fluent in parseltongue and passionate about Potter? If so, then you may just be the muggle that our site is searching for! Just tell us a bit about yourself and your magical journey with the series, so that we can ‘sort’ you into the house that we’d like you to look after! Remember, this is a forum run by fans, for fans – so we’re not just looking for people to showcase the site as it is, we are also looking for ideas and feedback on how to make things even better! What would you like to see and do here? Tell us, so that we can continue to bring our community closer together!
      House Prefect - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin (Common Room Prefect)
      What is a House Prefect?
      A prefect at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a student who has been given extra authority and responsibilities by the Head of House and Headmaster. One male and one female student are chosen from each house in their fifth year to act as prefects. They would continue to be prefects in their sixth and seventh years until they leave school.
      Prefects are allowed to take House points away from houses, but they are not allowed to take points from other prefects. Prefects can give detentions as a form of punishment.

      What is a house prefect (forum moderator)?
      A forum moderator oversees the communication activity of an Internet forum. He/She monitors the contributors (members) and makes decisions regarding content and the direction of threads. Moving discussions from one section to another to keep topics organized is also a common job for a forum moderator. If the forum becomes hostile or starts to move in the direction of personal attacks, the forum moderator usually has the discretion to lock the discussion to prevent heated, interchanges. He may also be able to hide discussions he deems unworthy of further discussion.

      Duties of a forum moderator may include moving discussions (threads/posts) to more appropriate sections, closing or locking threads based on dwindling interest or lack of recent activity of merely going off-topic, editing posts for clarity or content, and deleting threads. Thread deletion can either be temporary or permanent, depending on the wishes of the forum moderator, although you'll also have the power to hide posts/threads. If an abusive contributor refuses to cease unacceptable behaviour, the forum moderator will the discretion to ban the user, but this is used as a last resort.
      What can you do?
      Edit, close, open, move, delete and lock and finally pin threads.
      Suspend and ban members.
      Postions Availiable
      We're looking for one person to look after one of the four Houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

      Now we can't just go handing out these positions to anyone, so you do have to meet some requirements.
      The forum user must be mature and responsible. The forum user cannot have any active forum infractions. The forum user must have over 50 posts. The forum user must have over 1 months of activity on the forum.
      If you have enthusiasm, personality and a flair then this could be the place for you. If you're interested in joining our magical community here at TheWizardingWorld | Harry Potter Fan Forum, then please do get in touch by replying to this post.


      Our staff members are the frontline of the team, and are responsible for meeting, greeting and assisting our guests/members upon joining and getting settled in.
      The warm welcome that our harry potter fans receive from all our staff makes a huge difference to their excitement and enjoyment of TheWizardingWorld Fan Forum.
    • Dumbledore
      By Dumbledore
      Is your room also full of 'Harry Potter' merchandise? Well, Minalima the designer duo behind the 'Harry Potter' films, is now also launching its own wallpaper with designs from the eight films.

      Image Credits: Pottermore & MinaLima
      These sirius-ly amazing Minalima wallpapers are a must for any Harry Potter fan!
      Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima – designers of the graphic universe of the Harry Potter films – have created a capsule collection of five wallpapers featuring iconic designs from the film series.
      This is an exceptional opportunity to sort out that room with the peeling wallpaper that’s been bothering you.
      Will you be ordering any of the wallpapers? We'd love to hear if you do and see your room once finished!

      Image Credits: Pottermore & MinaLima


      Image Credits: Pottermore & MinaLima

      Image Credits: Pottermore & MinaLima
      The MinaLima Harry Potter wallpaper collection is available internationally, exclusively through minalima.com and House of MinaLima shops in London and Osaka from Wednesday 18 September 2019.
    • Elenwe Caleste
      By Elenwe Caleste
      I wasn't sure where to put this topic, sorry if it's in the wrong place!
      But has anyone logged into Pottermore today? I'm wondering because there's this new thing about a wizarding passport. But when I try to use my pottermore account to create one, I never get the confirmation e-mail. Did anyone successfully create their passport?
    • Dumbledore
      By Dumbledore
      Couples are invited to spend Valentine's Day in a truly magical location this February as Warner Bros. Studio Tour London hosts a romantic dinner in the iconic Great Hall. Each night from Thursday 14th – Saturday 16th February

      Guests attending the evening event will be greeted on arrival with welcome drinks and canapés, including a special 'Love Potion' cocktail, before sitting down to dine on the authentic Great Hall set.
      Seated at tables for two, guests will enjoy a romantic three-course dinner including a starter, main course and assiette of desserts to share*. During the meal, couples will receive their first memento of the evening as a complimentary photo is taken at their table.
      After dinner, guests will be given exclusive after-hours access to the Studio Tour with the chance to see sets such as the Gryffindor common room, Dumbledore's office, the Weasley kitchen at The Burrow and the Forbidden Forest before enjoying a drink on Platform 9 ¾. Featuring the original Hogwarts Express locomotive, the platform also includes the costumes of film couples Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione from the series' concluding scene set 19 years after the battle of Hogwarts.
      Following a tankard of Butterbeer in the backlot café, couples will be able to wander up the wizarding shopping street of Diagon Alley before arriving at the breath-taking Hogwarts castle model. After-dinner tea, coffee and petit fours will be served overlooking the majestic model.
      The Studio Tour’s ‘Valentine's Dinner in the Great Hall’ events will take place on the 14th, 15th and 16th February from 7pm until midnight and are open to over 18s only. Guests will be seated at individual tables of two and tickets are priced at £495 per table for two including VAT**. Tickets go on sale here at 10am on Tuesday 18th December. Carer tickets will be available by calling 0345 084 0900 once tickets go on sale.
      *Details of the evenings' set menu can be seen here; vegetarian and vegan options are available and other dietary requirements can also be catered for (guests will be asked to provide this information during the booking process).
      **Tickets are only available in pairs and couples will be seated at individual tables of two.
        Get Tickets Here:
      https://www.wbstudiotour.co.uk/tickets   Notice:
      TheWizardingWorld.co.uk is run by a group of dedicated enthusiasts on a not-for-profit basis.
      TheWizardingWorld.co.uk website are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by J.K. ROWLING WIZARDING WORLD which is a trademark of J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc or any of it's worldwide subsidiaries or associates.
      Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts characters, names and related indicia are trademarks of and Warner Bros. Ent. All Rights Reserved.  

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