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Fan Theory: Dumbledore used a time turner to arrive at Harry's trial in Order Of The Phoenix

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Harry was put on trial at the start of the book and film for discharging his Patronus to defeat a Dementor – but did Dumbledore travel back in time to get the hearing?

When the trial begins, Dumbledore shows up unannounced to defend Harry to the surprise of Cornelius Fudge (and Harry alike). Fudge makes a remark that they had changed the time and moved the location of the trial, to which Dumbledore says (not verbatim, mind you) that he had ‘by some luck arrived at the Ministry three hours early’.

Dumbledore was on time to where he thought Harry's trial was..... Right?  So, Dumbledore must've missed the hearing completely!


So can we safely assume that Dumbledore  had used a time turner to jump back in time and arrive in the correct place to help Harry?


What's your thought on this theory? We'd love to hear them.

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I like the theory, but I think that maybe he has contacts inside the Wizengamot that informed him of the change so that he could adjust his schedule. After all, he's not only powerful, but influential, and even after being called a madman for the "Voldemort is back" stuff, he's still the defeater of Grindelwald, a literal wizard hitler. He must at least have some influence left.

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49 minutes ago, Amolap said:

I like the theory, but I think that maybe he has contacts inside the Wizengamot that informed him of the change so that he could adjust his schedule. After all, he's not only powerful, but influential, and even after being called a madman for the "Voldemort is back" stuff, he's still the defeater of Grindelwald, a literal wizard hitler. He must at least have some influence left.

Very informative and well thought out reply. This is indeed a possible theory and why not? After all like you said, he's a very influential wizard.

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I really have no idea, however I'm not convinced he did. There's a great many things I don't quite understand about Dumbledore! 

Dumbledore was able to know exactly where and when (and probably how often!) Harry was in his invisibility cloak after he gifted it to him for Christmas. When Harry has discovered the Mirror of Erised, he allows Harry time to look at it, but at some point says to him "back again Harry?" This implies to me that he knew Harry had visited the mirror multiple times, and as far as we know Ron is the only person who Harry had told about it - Hermione being at home for Christmas. Now, it's certainly possible that one of the ghosts had seen Harry and told Dumbledore, but surely it was more likely the ghost would have told Filch? After all, Filch did love to see students punished for being out of bed!

There are other instances too, where Dumbledore appears to know exactly where Harry is. Another example is in Chamber Of Secrets, after Ron, Fred and George had picked up Harry, his Hogwarts letter arrived the very next day at the Weasley house. I think I read somewhere that there were people constantly watching over Harry, so I guess you could explain it as that.

Going back to Harry's hearing at the Ministry. I've never understood Dumbledore's comment about him arriving at the ministry 3 hours early, unless he was there for other reasons too. The reason I don't understand it is because Harry and Mr Weasley have arrived at the Ministry, to be told that Harry's hearing has been moved to 5 minutes time. Although Fudge claims he sent an owl to Dumbledore, he clearly didn't to Harry! But Harry and Mr Weasley were there early, I presume because you have to be there a certain amount of time early. 

Another thing we need to look at is the fact that Mrs Figg came with Dumbledore. This is tricky in determining exactly why Dumbeldore was at the Ministry early, but I assume the hearing wasn't too far away in time from the original time, and she was there early because she was a witness, and Dumbledore's comment about 3 hours is just because he was supposed to be doing something else before the hearing.

My guess is that either someone tipped Dumbledore off, or he had a hunch they would change the time and venue of the hearing - he is a very clever wizard, and seems to know or guess a lot of things other people don't. My guess is that he somehow knew that the hearing would be changed - in an attempt for Harry not to be there and therefore not have time to defend himself! - and so he prepared accordingly, by arrvinig early, with Mrs Figg. I assume, also, that once at the Ministry, someone who was loyal to him did tell him.

One other thing I just thought of is that in Hogwarts there are paintings, and Dumbledore is able to get the people in those paintings to send messages for him, or to check on people. I guess it's possible there was something similar in the Ministry. Or, we learnt at a later date that the Order Of The Phoenix used to send messages to each other using a Patronus. It's very possible that someone did this for Dumbledore, to alert him about the change in the meeting!

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