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Hogwarts House Points: We've currently switched off the house points until 1st Sept when term begins. Who will win the HOUSE CUP in 2020?

We're looking to grow our team!

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For a long time we've been a very small team, erm, ME!:default_rofl: 



In 2019 Kaede joined our team and has been extremely helpful throughout the year. 2020 is going to be a big year for us, we (I mean, me) have lots of projects in the works and many more on the horizon; of which all need talented and passionate Harry Potter individuals to join the team.


Are you driven by creating ingaging posts? Do you want to impact the lives of 1000's of Harry Potter Enthusiasts, then this may be place for you.

If you know your way around the castle, grounds and the Slytherin Common Rooms without the help of the Marauder’s Map, then you might just be the muggle we’re looking for.

The warm welcome that our harry potter fans receive from all our staff makes a huge difference to their excitement and enjoyment of TheWizardingWorld Fan Forum.

If you have enthusiasm, personality and a flair for customer service, this could be the place for you. If you're interested in joining our magical community here at TheWizardingWorld Fan Forum, then please do get in touch by replying to this post.



Our staff members are the frontline of the team, and are responsible for meeting, greeting and assisting our guests/members upon joining and getting settled in.


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53 minutes ago, CODE_3CH0 said:

I would love to join up. 

Thank you for joining our magical site! We’d love to hear  some ideas to which we can improve our site.

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3 minutes ago, NotACursedChild said:

What exactly will a person have to do in this team??

I'm looking for people who'd like to help in running the forum. Inviting people, create content that will engage people to join in and build conversations. Think of it as place to be and hang out and have fun.

Content is key, but I can't always be around. Fan theories is always good which @kaedequinn usually does. So right now it's all about spreading the word and getting people to join and start convesations, this will then help make the site active and we can go from there.

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36 minutes ago, Gryffindorgirl said:

I would love to do this as I have a Harry Potter insta already! 

I'll give you a message tomorrow!

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