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  1. Professor Patrick

    Who would you be friends with

    Inspired by @John Stefan's post about friendship A loving friend like Hermione I started wondering - who would you be friends with, if you attended Hogwarts and why? The why is what I am really interested in. 😉
  2. Professor Patrick

    Who can you identify with?

    It's been 20 years since the first movie came out, 24 years since the first book was published. Assuming that you didn't just become a Harry Potter fan yesterday and that you read the books/saw the movies more than once over the years, how did your perception of characters change? Who did you identify with most when you read/saw it for the first time? Is it different now? And if so, would you like to share why?
  3. What is your favorite house at Hogwarts? Is it Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw? My favourite house at Hogwarts is Gryffindor , I don't know why it's my favourite, I think it's because Harry Potter belongs to this house hahahaha.
  4. Hermione Jean Granger

    What I absolutely HATE about Slytherin!

    Slytherin is my LEAST favorite House of the four, and here's why: 1. SALAZAR PUT A FREAKING DEADLY SNAKE UNDER HOGWARTS!!!! HOW IS THIS EVEN ALLOWED!? 2. What's the deal with blood purity? I'm a muggle-born and PROUD of it! 3. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named was in the house and the Heir....... ??!
  5. Slytherin house has some trouble with shaking its murky reputation and it's all thanks to a certain few witches and wizards like lucius Malfoy. Today we look at the reasons why he embodied all the worst slytherin traits and gave his house a bad name... 1: His devotion to supporting Voldamort's cause 2: He was ambitous in all the wrong ways 3: He failed to strick a balance between arrogance and confidence 4: He had a rather cowardly knack for self-preservation 5: He was Shrewd but did not use his cunning nature for good I am deeply sorry to all the slytherin's that wimpy-old Lucius gave you a bad name. Of corse i will never think of slytherin's as evil, Slytherin's are the amtions ones that get thing done, and are ususally in great power because of it. if you have any comments, or anything else that made Lucius an even more disgusting person, please put it below. i would love to read it. Thank you my amazing friends! Best Wishes, @Professor Flitwick
  6. Professor Patrick

    A warm "Welcome" to the new members!

    Life outside of this wonderful safe haven and a rather strong reaction to my booster shot have kept me away for a while - I've been sneaking peeks from time to time, though. 😉 During that time a lot of new people joined the community and instead of responding to every single post, I am giving a shoutout to all of you at once, hoping I haven't missed anyone. Welcome to @Lord Voldemort (Will you get angry if anyone calls you Tom?🧐), @Sara Coen, @Winnie, @Azkban prisoner 394, @Myheadsgonenumb (How does that feel?), @Idontsimpfordraco (Ido 😉), @Job (Good you), @QueenMeg (your Highness), @Potter genius (Ahh, a humble one 😉), @Girard, @Alpacookie, @Memamsamuggle (Mine too) and @Jung Sam. If anyone feels left out .... sorry, let me know. That pretty much exhausted my energy level for today. Still feel a little bit like I got trampled by a Hippogriff, but Madame Pomfrey is taking good care of me. I hope you enjoy your time here. Don't forget to tell us a little something about yourselves and then head for the Sorting in the Great Hall (Slytherin is a great house, by the way 😎).
  7. Here are some different ways you can be a slytherin: 1: Ambition dosen't always mean seeking power when you are a slytherin 2: You don't always half to have a hard exterior to be a slytherin 3:Love can be your driving motivation and you can still be a slytherin 4: You don't half to be brimming with confidence to be a slytherin 5: You can be incredibly brave and be a slytherin
  8. Pick your favorite house, and i dosent half to be the one you are in.
  9. @moonlightwishes had a topic like that last years. Alas, I wasn't part of this wonderful community then and would like to revive the subject. So instead of expanding on the old thread, I'll start a new one, if that is alright for you. I'd like to read some of your answers before I actually write something myself - because I am curious and cunning and Slytherin. ;-) I'll put in my vote in the poll, though.
  10. Thank Merlin it‘s Friday! If you actually were at Hogwarts, what would your plans for a Friday evening be?
  11. Celebrate all things Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin and, Ravenclaw with this glorious collection of beautifully crafted House Editions in hardback. All seven novels from J.K. Rowling's classic series in a spectacular alternating colour scheme, with cover artwork and illustrations by artistic wizard and Kate Greenaway Medal winner Levi Pinfold. The seven books in this collection are accompanied by a magical miscellany of exciting feature articles, quizzes and fascinating fact files packed with trivia about the Hogwarts Houses. A must-have collection for Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin and, Ravenclaw, young and old, these House Editions box set is the perfect tribute to the house famed for its dedication, patience and loyalty and is sure to be treasured for years to come. Purchase from Amazon Hufflepuff: https://amzn.to/31LCSyJ Gryffindor: https://amzn.to/3Ca1fTg Slytherin: https://amzn.to/3n7FLSE Ravenclaw: https://amzn.to/3n31ETm
  12. ProfessorSnape

    Best looking common room?

    The quest that I’m currently on in Hogwarts Mystery is one where I get to see all the common rooms (this is rare because normally you can only ever visit your own common room). Getting to see the other common rooms was interesting especially because we never got to see the common rooms for Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff in the films. So it got me thinking: which do you think looks the best and why? My vote goes to Hufflepuff- it looks so cosy particularly with the light colours, natural light and nature theme. Almost looks like a treehouse! What do you think? Hufflepuff Gryffindor Slytherin Ravenclaw I’ve put this thread in this section because it’ll hopefully get more responses than if it was in the dedicated Hogwarts mystery section.
  13. I was wondering why each house has there colour. I always thought that gryffindor was red and slytherin being the opposite house was green (the opposite colour on the the colour wheel). I have also heard that each house represent an element. But I would like to hear your theories!
  14. Harry Potter star Tom Felton has revealed he doesn't think the cast will ever reunite for any more instalments of the franchise. Tom has expressed along with fans who don’t see the need to update the original franchise. Speaking to various sources, Felton was asked if he thought the cast would do another movie. "How much you offering?" he answered. "I'm joking. I don't think it will be reprised, to be honest with you. "I think it was a wonderful eight chapters, and everything that needed to be done was done. I think they'll take it further on in their own direction, but we're all still immensely proud to be part of it." The actor, who played Draco Malfoy, also added that he was happy to see how the Potter fandom is still growing. "It's great to see it's been past down from generation to generation," Tom said. "But I can speak for the cast when I say we're very grateful for all of the support that's come our way over the last decade." Tom shared a photo of himself standing beside a pic of Draco Malfoy from the first Harry Potter movie, The Philosopher's Stone, and poked fun at how much he's changed over the years. Pointing at the poster of young Draco while also wearing a Slytherin cape, Tom wrote: "Agings a bitch".
  15. RosieKeane

    Draco Malfoy- hero or villian?

    I suppose I should have put this under the Daily Prophet category because the title sounds like one Rita Skeeter would write. But its too late now, so I am just going to dive in. Draco Malfoy. I think that readers who view his character have polar opposite opinions on him. Either 1, he is a bad-boy dreamboat, and they want him to fall in love with their little hearts because of his smirk and his raw good looks. Or, on the total other hand, he is a death eater, and truly a terrible persona and he didn't really deserve a redemtion arc. Of course, that is dramatizing both ends of the spectrum of Draco Malfoy. What we have to consider is the facts, which we can see in the books. Draco was defenitely manipulated and groomed for Slytherin- and beyond. Lucius Malfoy was not a good father. It think that is easy to be seen. He fed his son his own opinions and views from the day he was born. His son grew up hearing racial slurs such as "mudblood" and talk about how muggle-born witches were inferior to pure-blood witches and wizards. Draco grew up being told that he had to get into Slytherin- and we can only assume that any other house would have been a disgrace to the family, as he was the only child of the Malfoy's. Draco grew up being told by his family who he was meant to be, what he was meant to be, how he was supposed to act, etc. However, that is no excuse for his behavior. We learn from our parents, yes, even if they teach us the wrong lesson, but as a person you also have to do the right thing- even if it isn't right in his parents view. A great example of this is Sirius. Sirius came from the same kind of household as Draco did- but he was different. He didn't like their ideology and loved what his friends in Hogwarts talked about and how they acted. All other parts of Sirius aside, he did the right thing. Draco did not. Granted he was around people of the same ideology of him in Slytherin, he did not have to have the same ideology as they did. Draco was a bully. He bullied Harry relentlessly, along with other students. He was not a nice guy. He tried to get Hagrid sacked from his job countless times. He always made drama for Harry in the press, in the school, with gossip, he was racist towards Hermione, etc. So here we are at a crossroads with his character- He went out of his way to be nasty, but he had also been groomed from Birth to be this person. So we are faced with the question- does he deserve to have a redemption arc (not that it is truly up to us to decide, but lets just see where this question goes)? Draco didn't kill Dumbledore. He couldn't do it, he tried for the entire year (and ultimately failed because of all the half-attempts), but when he came face-to-face with Dumbledore, where it would have been easy to kill him. He could not kill him. That's the truth. Severus Snape had to do it, despite that this was the plan from Dumbledore- that doesn't really matter too much. Draco doesn't want to be where he is, he doesn't want to be a death eater, but there is no other way for him to have his family safe, and not taint the family name. And Draco didn't want Harry dead. It's pretty imaginable that Draco knew that was a real possibility, but he didn't want Harry dead. Draco lied when he couldn't tell if it was Harry or not, with the charm on Harry's face making him all puffy and swollen. He could have been rid of his life-long rival, but he didn't. Draco even stopped Crabbe from firing a curse that would kill Harry. So this may leave you confused now- do we like Draco, or not? I think Draco deserved a redemption arc. He was forced to be a certain kind of person by his parents, and he conformed to that role. However, he did that willingly, and he could have not conformed to the role. He could have not acted the way he was supposed to, and he could have been a better person. So my answer- kinda.
  16. Hi, Okay so posting here is a huge big deal to me, as I'm extremely shy and have several related issues. My love of the Wizarding World goes right back to when the first book was released. My parents read it to me and have been in love with the books the movies ever since. I've only recently started collecting in the last few years. So any collectors out there I would love to chat. I love Noble Collection, Minalima and Slytherin items.
  17. Welcome back to the ASTROLOGY world with Haeju! credit to owner Check the first part here. We're gonna continue to sort the astrology signs a.k.a. zodiacs into Hogwarts houses. I'll make it simpler tho. Anyway, let's go! HUFFLEPUFF: Taurus, Virgo, Libra 7. Taurus The fancy sign! Taurus is known for being chill, easy-going, simple, patient, and rich. Taurus likes to have many friends, many foods, and many spare time. Taurus can be annoying when they appear as lazy and stubborn, but they're quite loyal too. Taurus is the sign of comfort. Oh, they also love anything beautiful! 8. Virgo Virgo is perfectionist and hard-working. As the typical Hufflepuff, they're not afraid of toil. Some Virgo even hates to have nothing to do. They're obsessed to work as and they want their work finished in the best way possible. This can make Virgo smarter than some Ravenclaw or more ambitious than Slytherine. But outside of that, Virgo is really easy-going and not judging. They can be so fun and cheerful as a friend. 9. Libra Balance isn't just what Libra is known for. They're known to be people-oriented and loyal. Libra loves to have discussion as much as making new friends. Libra is very likable and most of them are also very charming. Libra also likes beauty dan culture. SLYTHERIN: Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn 10. Scorpio Deep, detailed, serious, mysterious, likes to keeping secrets, Scorpio is charming because of that traits. But a Scorpion can also be deeply sensitive, very opened about their feelings, and seriously fun! Scorpio sees the world as black and white. They're an extremist. But from them we can learn many new things that usually, we don't pay attention about it. Scorpio isn't just a leader material, they can also lead in bed. Sometimes they can be appear as creepy. Don't worry guys, it's not that they're pervert, they just know how to appreciate sex. 11. Cancer Romantic. Cancer can appear as shy. But once they can trust you, Cancer has so many stories to tell. Cancer appreciates love and kindness, but they're so afraid to be betrayed so they make a huge barrier from people. They can also be so manipulative to protect themselves from harm. But deep inside, Cancer is your softest friend. 12. Capricorn Capricorn is the businessman. They're ambitious and visionary. They love working and money and also know how to get it. They're superior and great, but not really in good at loving someone. Capricorn can't love somebody easily, but when they do, they will do anything for that person. Finally... Tell us what's your astrology sign? Does it fit your house? Which sign actually fits your personality the most?
  18. Hello! Today I'd like to know, how many of you took the Pottermore house quiz? Do you agree with the house you were placed in? Is that the house you were expecting / hoping to be in? How did you react to the house you were placed in? And, is that the house you are using on this site, or are you in your preferred house on here? I took the quiz ages ago, and was not surprised to be placed in Hufflepuff. People have always told me that I am loyal and kind. When Harry Potter first came out, my siblings and I discussed which houses we'd be in. All my siblings told me I was a Hufflepuff! However, like a lot of people, we all identified with Gryffindor originally as the main heros are of course in Gryffindor. (I may also have had a crush on one of the main characters!) I would now place one of my sisters in Slytherin, and my other sister and brother in Gryffindor! I'm very proud to be a Hufflepuff! I know lots of people don't want to be in Hufflepuff, but I love being a Hufflepuff. I am almost 100% sure that if I placed that sorting hat onto my head right now it would not hesitate to place me in Hufflepuff! Interestingly I also took the Ilvermorny part of the quiz and was sorted in Thunderbird house, which apparently favours adventurers. I'd have preferred Pukwudgie House as it favours Healers, which I think better fits both Hufflepuffs and one of my preferred magical careers!
  19. I'm going to be honest here, this is a bit of a random one. I was watching a friends stream, and remembered they were in a different house to me. And it got me thinking, does their personality reflect their house traits? For example, I'm a Slytherin but I think my personality (the part everyone sees) for the most part I come across outwardly as a Hufflepuff. And that's because on first meet and until I'm comfortable I don't come across too much of a sarcastic, more reserved person. Then once you get to know me, I can definitely be a mix of Slytherin and Ravenclaw, depending on my mood or topic of conversation. Whereas my streamer friend is a Hufflepuff. And it matches them so well. They're so kind to everyone, just and loyal. Honestly, they are so sweet and get along with everyone. The more vicious side of the honey badger comes through when they rage at games and it's honestly so fitting. Obviously, this is just my powers of observation, and it could be completely different for you. If you do use any names when mentioning friends, feel free to change them if you're not comfortable with using their actual name. This was just a random thought and I thought it would be quite curious to see if others get like this sometimes.
  20. Lily Potter Jr.

    What is the best house?

    What do you think?
  21. Hogwarts House Points (EXTRA) Earn extra points for your chosen house Make 5 posts in a day = 50 Make 10 posts a day = 100 Make 30 posts a day = 300 Create 5 topics (anywhere on the forums) = 50 Create 10 topics (anywhere on the forums) = 150 Create 30 topics (anywhere on the forums) = 500 Points awarded for creating a status = Points awarded for replying to a status = EXTRA EXTRA POINTS Daily/Weekly/Monthly points Daily Points = 5 Weekly Points = 10 Monthly Points = 15 *NOTE: All these are on top of the points that you can already earn, below is how you can earn house points. The Points System for TWWForums Features: New students signup. 5 Points The topic starter. 2 Points Replies to the topic starter (if someone replies to their topic in each forum). 1 Point Students get for each post. 1 Point Auto reset for points. Points are reset on the 1st September At the end of the year, the member with the most points will win a Harry Potter prize! Inviting friends earns you house points! If you recruit/recommend a member, you get 50 house points for each person you recruit/recommend to join. However, this person must be sorted for you to be rewarded, and they must mention that you referred them.
  22. Rune8Valentine

    Warm, Cold-Blooded Greetings

    Hi everyone, So I'm not sure if I should reply to this to say that I am brand new, but here I am! I am very interested in being part of Slytherin and due to my very own cunning and ambitious nature, I am sure to make sure that I help as much as possible to make Slytherin the winning house! I'm also open to meeting and making new friends, as well as into fan-fiction and writing in general. Apart from that, I do have a dark and sarcastic nature, but that's just me. I am a big fan of Quidditch, just to put it out there as well. Looking forward to hearing more from you.
  23. Entering through the Great Hall doors, visitors will be greeted by a sea of green as the Slytherin house banners from the film series are suspended from the enchanted ceiling, denoting a Slytherin victory of the House Cup. Known throughout the eight films for its ambition and links to dark magic, Slytherin house is home to some of the greatest wizards of all time. This April, we’re inviting you to join us to discover the secrets behind some of the iconic costumes and props belonging to your favourite cunning Slytherin characters. You won’t have to be under the guise of Polyjuice potion to discover the secrets of the Slytherin common room up close, as for the first time ever, you are invited to gather around the imposing fireplace and sofas where Ron’s magical transformation began to wear off, revealing his ginger hair. During this special feature, a 25-foot high section of this iconic set will be on display, furnished and dressed with authentic props. During filming, Production Designer Stuart Craig wanted a very different atmosphere to the warm colours of Gryffindor so designed the Slytherin common room set to look like a dungeon carved out of solid rock. You’ll be able to see the hand-crafted wall tapestries, which had the red tones completely taken out of the colour palette to add to the austere atmosphere and further highlight the iconic Slytherin colours, green and silver. When stepping into the Great Hall, you’ll be greeted by a sea of green house banners from the film series are suspended from the enchanted ceiling, denoting a Slytherin victory of the House Cup. Above the teacher’s table, Gryffindor banners will be displayed in reference to the final scenes of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in which Dumbledore awards last-minute house points resulting in a Gryffindor triumph. Paying homage to some of Slytherin’s most esteemed witches and wizards, a number of original costumes belonging to the Malfoy family will be on display allowing you to see how the designs changed to depict their rise and fall in power and status alongside Lord Voldemort. The evolution of Voldemort’s costumes showing his growth from orphan, Tom Riddle, to young Hogwarts student to prolific villain will also be showcased. News Source & Image Credits; Warner Bros. Studio Tour London
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