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Found 7 results

  1. Harry Potter star Tom Felton has revealed he doesn't think the cast will ever reunite for any more instalments of the franchise. Tom has expressed along with fans who don’t see the need to update the original franchise. Speaking to various sources, Felton was asked if he thought the cast would do another movie. "How much you offering?" he answered. "I'm joking. I don't think it will be reprised, to be honest with you. "I think it was a wonderful eight chapters, and everything that needed to be done was done. I think they'll take it further on in their own dir
  2. Bewitched_98

    What does Harry Potter mean to you?

    Hello fellow Potterheads Much like all of you, I am in love with the tales of the wizarding world as Harry Potter and his comrades have helped me to find comfort even in the darkest of times. If you are up to the task then please explain in the comments: Why are you a fan of Harry Potter/ What does Harry Potter mean to you? If you can remember a time that these magical artifacts have helped you in the real world then please discuss and share your experience? I solemnly swear that I will respect your knowledge, any
  3. Ravenclaw_Pug01


    .what OWL would you take? 1) Ancient Runes 2)Arithmacy 3)Astronomy 4) Care of Magical Creatures 5)Charms 6)Defense against the dark arts 7)Divination 8)Herbology 9)History of Magic 10)Muggle Studies 11)Potions or 12)Transfiguration
  4. Discussion: Harry Potter Films - Unimportant parts you wish could've been added! So I'll start it off by not including Winky! However, we do see her and Dobby very very briefly in The Goblet Of Fire, if you're wondering where? I made a whole topic about 'Things you may have missed in the Harry Potter Films'. Winky, dear old Winky; Crouch's House elf. Important as she is, especially with Crouch Senior to the dark mark cast at the Quidditch Cup in The Goblet of Fire film, plus the whole 'drunk winky' fiasco. Of course lets not forget Horrified Hermione learning that she and
  5. kaedequinn

    Theory - was Hermione adopted?

    Ok, this is a long shot, but we know that Hermione is muggle born. She's also an only child. Neither of these are particularly unique, but I feel a witch as clever as Hermione would want to research her family tree, to discover who the last witch/wizard was. We don't know very much about Hermione's family, other than her parents are dentists. I myself have tried finding out who in her family was magical and got no where! If Hermione was adopted then it could explain why she never mentions researching her family tree. Of course, she may have done this and we didn't know about it, but I feel tha
  6. Smyths Toys: Wizard Training Wand - Dumbledore, Hermione, Harry Potter, or Lord Voldemort - Was £24.99 Now £17.99 Features Play in 5 magical modes Learn to cast 11 iconic spells Lights and sounds add to the fun Contents: A Wizard Training Wand and a spell training guide Batteries required: 3x AAA batteries (included) Product Description Learn to cast 11 iconic spells with the Wizard Training Wand! Designed to look just like Dumbledore’s Elder Wand in the movies, this interactive wand magically senses your movements
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