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Found 2 results

  1. Harry Potter fans can now spend a night in the real Godric's Hollow house 'The De Vere House' in Lavenham, Suffolk, which is the property that featured in The Deathly Hallows movies as Harry's childhood home. The famous place where Harry's parents were tragically murdered by Voldemort on October 31, 1981 and he was given that iconic lightening bolt scar. De Vere House was used in the Harry Potter films to create Godric’s Hollow, the home town of Albus Dumbledore and birth place of Harry, where his parents James and Lily were killed by Voldemort. Jane and Tony Ranzetta, the owners of the Grade 1 listed property, have transformed part of the home into a five star bed and breakfast, which can be booked on Airbnb. Following the home's appearance in the Potter films, it's estimated around 5,000 people would visit each weekend to take a picture outside the house. AirBnB: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/35058633 De Vere House is a highly acclaimed former Five Star and Gold Award bed and breakfast accommodation is re-opening now with Air B&B and offers stunning facilities. Lavenham is reputedly Britain's finest medieval village (with over 300 protected heritage properties and appearing as Godric's Hollow in the Harry Potter films). De Vere House is located in the centre of this pretty village and itself offers a wealth of history as well as comfortable accommodation. The space Two four poster bedrooms both with en suite bathrooms, TV, wifi internet access, private guest sitting room with log fire and courtyard garden. Full English breakfast (taken in the Dining Room of the main wing of the House). Not suitable for pets, children or those with mobility problems due to the age and layout of the house Guest access Guests access bedrooms, bathrooms, a private sitting room and courtyard garden, their own entrance, (all with access 24 hours). In addition, guests access the Dining Room in the main house for breakfast History of De Vere House A house of historical and architectural interest. The last house in Lavenham to be owned by the Earls of Oxford De Vere House, which has also been known as the de Vere Hunting Lodge, Oxford House and Oxford Cottages, was one of three properties within the centre of Lavenham, which were owned by the de Vere family and attached to Lavenham Hall. The house continued uninterrupted in de Vere ownership from the 14th to 17th centuries. It is a grade 1 listed property because of its architectural and historical interest. Originally a 14th century hall house, de Vere House was extended in the period immediately following the Battle of Bosworth (1485), and then later partially demolished and rebuilt in 1929. Very little of the 14th century hall remains, but the 15th century extension (in particular most of the internal and external beams and some of the internal and external brickwork) is pretty much as it was over 500 years ago. The house contains a number of interesting features, including: a stone spiral staircase based on that in Oxburgh Hall; the remains of one of the last garderobes to be installed in this country; a rare and original medieval wall painting; and a magnificent front door-way, with its carved huntsmen (dating back to the early 15th century) and the heraldic symbols of John de Vere, the 13th earl of Oxford (boar, star, wool jack and scales). Both the exterior and interior of the house are a splendid commemoration to the de Vere family, who were centre stage at most of the important historical events of the 11th to 17th centuries.
  2. Harry Potter look at this very realistic digital painting of a black Hermione in her school uniform and a S.P.E.W badge Sophia Canning, a recent RISD graduate, took to Twitter on August 12 to show off her Hermione artwork. Painted in Photoshop, the image could easily be mistaken for a photograph. It features Hermione with dark skin and big, curly black hair, dressed in a Gryffindor tie with a SPEW button on her shirt — and, naturally, a huge pile of books in her arms. Go check out @peaceofseoul profile on Twittter!

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