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  1. Groupon: Warner Bros Studio Tour London 23rd and 29th March with Butterbeer, Souvenir and Special Guest - £49.95 PP (Exclusive Closed Doors) Exclusive Closed Doors Harry Potter Studio Tour The Deal £49.95 for entry to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter™ When: 23 and 29 March 2018 between 5.00 p.m. and 11.59 p.m. Where: Warner Bros. Studio Tour London, Studio Tour Drive, Leavesden, WD25 7LR Warner Bros. Studio Tour London Once doors have closed to the public on 23rd and 29th March 2018, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter will welcome Groupon members for an exclusive event. Available for entry from 5.00pm, guests will be granted after-hours access to the Studio Tour which showcases authentic sets, props and costumes from the Harry Potter film series. Guests can walk the flagstones of the iconic Hogwarts Great Hall before viewing many of the famous sets – including the Ministry of Magic, Dumbledore’s office, and the Gryffindor common room. They’ll also get an exclusive look at the newest expansion: The Forbidden Forest. The Forbidden Forest may be strictly off-limits to Hogwarts students, but Groupon guests are invited to follow the footsteps of Harry, Ron and Hermione deep into the forest, which is home to an abundance of creatures. Guests will be welcomed through the Hogwarts Gates by the beloved half-giant Hagrid deep into the forest which is filled with 19 trees each with a diameter of over 12 feet. Visitors will walk beneath the giant entwined roots and encounter a full-size model of Buckbeak, and have the opportunity to bow to the majestic creature. As Groupon guests venture deeper into the depths of the forest, they will come face-to-face with Aragog, the Acromantula. Emerging from his dark lair, the enormous spider will appear before guest along with spiderlings from his family. While exploring the attraction, guests will also be able to enjoy experiences that have been specifically added for Groupon members like enjoying a special wand making demonstration courtesy of the Prop-Making Department who worked with head Prop Maker, Pierre Bohanna, from the Harry Potter film series. They’ll get the chance to learn wand moves and can ‘fly’ a broomstick like a member of the cast in the Studio Tour’s green screen experience. During a short break in the attraction’s Backlot café or Lobby Cafe, guests will be able to enjoy a selected hot meal; a glass of wine, beer, hot or soft drink; and a Butterbeer™ served in a souvenir cup to take home! They’ll also get the chance to meet the Death Eaters as they patrol the Hogwarts Gates. All guests will receive a complimentary Forest edition of the souvenir guidebook on arrival and the tour will stay open until midnight on these special nights. On-site parking is available, as is a return shuttle bus from Watford Junction station if required NOTE: You might be able to get it down to £42.46 using code HELLO15 on a new account. (PROMO CODE) To Book Tickets: https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/warner-bros-studio-tour-experience-1
  2. These amazing grandparents build their granddaughter a 350sqft 'Harry Potter' Playhouse Of Dreams! Doting Grandparents Dave and Ruby Dunlop wanted a place that their eldest grandchild, two-year-old Logan, could come and play at when she visited, and boy did they deliver. The Dunlop's commissioned a massive 350 square feet playhouse to be built in their back garden in Ontario, Canada - all themed on the wizarding world of Harry Potter. The grandparents say they hope to make additions to the playhouse as Logan gets older, such as a zip line which goes from Hogwarts tower down to the ground. Tyson, who runs the small family business Charmed Playhouses, has built luxury playhouses all over the world, with past designs including a Disney-themed princess castle attached to Rapunzel's tower, Captain Hook's pirate ship and Neverland, and a Hobbit hole. Tyson said: "The Dunlops are elated to have the playhouse in their backyard as it will become the pinnacle of family memories for years to come." Featured Image Credit: SWNS Read the full article at: Pretty52
  3. Half-Blood Witch

    Wand collection

    Hello all , I was wondering if any of you have any wands and if you don't what ones do you wish you could own? My other-half and I have a nice little collection going: - Voldemort -Sirius Black -Luna Lovegood -Gellert Grindelwald (the twisted wood one) -Gellert Grindelwald (The Elder wand) -Albus Severus Potter (Cursed Child) -Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy (Cursed Child) -Nicolas Flamel
  4. Hufflepuffgirl

    Harry Potter Theories

    Hello whoever is reading! I'm bored so decided to make a small forum on some of the Harry Potter theories that exist! Feel free to debate whether they are believable or not and even leave your own! Have fun! ?
  5. Source: @NomadicBrits Harry Potter & Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play has become one in the muggle world with the new logo! Since it's beginning The Cursed Child Play had its own logo and its own font, but on the night between 3rd & 4th September 2019, the signs of the Palace Theater (London), Lyrics Theater (New York) and Princess' Theater (Melbourne) where the play is currently played have all been upgraded to the new logo. The name HARRY POTTER is now written in JK Rowlings famous 'Harry Potter' font, muggles, witches and wizards alike will be able to tell with the new lightning-shaped P, created by Mary GrandPré for Scholastic's covers in the United States and later taken as the official logo of the saga by Warner Bros. After a few weeks of rumors and a rebrand of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child theaters, it seems that yes Warner Bros. has purchased the rights to The Cursed Child. The new logo for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Source: @susanne_anette The program of the play also indicates the name of JK Rowling above the title. It seems that the words "parts one and two" have also been been removed. Instagram and Twitter users have been showing off the old and new logo
  6. Emerard Barney

    Quiz of Quirrell

    • One Right Answer
    • 3 minutes
    • 6 Questions
    • 15 Players
    This is a quiz about Quirell. He was certainly a bad man, but he was also a bold man who worked for Voldemort in front of Dumbledore.
  7. Alfredo Remy Cafferata

    Grindewald's Crimes

    • One Right Answer
    • 10 minutes
    • 5 Questions
    • 6 Players
    This quizz is intended to inquire about which were Grindewald's Crimes, and important questions about them.
  8. All 8 Harry Potter Films Coming To NETFLIX 15th January 2019 Calling all witches and wizards, on January 15th it's time to go back to Hogwarts All eight films will appear on the platform on 15th January, for all of its subscribers in Australia & NewZealand. The news was announced via Twitter with the simple message: “ Calling all witches and wizards, on January 15th it's time to go back to Hogwarts ". Unfortunately the series will only be shown on Netflix Australia & Netflix NewZealand ONLY - Sorry USA, Canada and sorry to the rest of us in the UK too! It’s not the first time Harry Potter has been rumored for release on Netflix. The last big wave came in October when Netflix in France announced it would be streaming the franchise in November 2018. Many news outlets didn’t look very hard into the detail here and decided that everyone is getting the franchise. The main reason as to why the Harry Potter series isn’t coming to Netflix is simply down to licensing rights. In the US, UK and Canada the rights are most likely either unobtainable or far too expensive for Netflix to purchase.
  9. B&M Stores have just announced a new range of Harry Potter producs in store Copyright: B&M Stores Be sure to check out their whole range! https://www.bmstores.co.uk/search?q=harry potter
  10. Two of Hagrid’s fearsome pets are available as your new bedside guards. There’s Fluffy with all three of his heads and Buckbeak the hippogryph ! Also Hedwig too! Available to buy now @ Thinkgeek FLUFFY Just play him a bit of music and he falls straight to sleep Look, we know you probably think cuddling up with Fluffy would not be a wise move in consideration of self-preservation, but hear us out. We just don't think he was given a chance. Harry and the gang just barged into his home - of course he's gonna bark a bit! The trick to any beast is to know how to calm him. Cuddles usually do the trick, but maybe play some music... just in case. Get to snuggin with the fluffy guard dog... Fluffy! He might drool a bit, but he means well, we promise. Maybe that's what makes him such a good guard dog? No one wants to get THAT messy. Product Specifications Harry Potter Fluffy 15in Plush Officially-licensed Harry Potter merchandise Cuddle up with one of the best guard dogs there ever was - Fluffy Drools a bit, but is definitely a good boy Materials: Polyester Care Instructions: Spot clean with damp cloth and mild detergent Dimensions: 15" long (including tail) x 7" tall x 10" wide (measured head to head) Ages 3+ http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/khkh/ Buckbeak (I mean, Witherwings) My father will hear about this! Hippogryphs are proud creatures. Very temperamental and protective of their territory. Just make sure you show your respect and take things slowly, and you'll be just fine. Or you can disregard all of that and end up getting a claw in your arm like Malfoy. Whatever you're feeling that day. Make sure your father hears about this Buckbeak plush! Don't worry, you can just give it a big ol' squeeze without all the theatrics and bowing. Might not give you a ride around Hogwarts, though. Product Specifications Harry Potter Buckbeak 15in Plush Officially-licensed Harry Potter merchandise Cuddle up with Hagrid's good pal, Buckbeak Materials: Polyester Care Instructions: Spot clean with damp cloth and mild detergent Dimensions: 15" long (including tail) x 12 1/2" tall x 6" wide (wings not extended) Ages 3+ http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/khki/ Hedwig Everybody's favorite mail carrier There's your postal carrier who declares a package "delivered" and it shows up in your mailbox three days later. There's your FedEx guy who won't leave stuff on your doorstep, even when you sign a release. And there's Amazon's courier service that gives your mail to the front desk of the apartment complex next door. (wut even?) And then there's Hedwig. Everybody knows Owl Post is the best, not only because it's how you get your acceptance letter to Hogwarts, but also because you just want to hug those owls every time you see them. And you should always hug your owl, even if it makes it hoot reproachfully. Because you never know how long you'll have it. *sneef* Product Specifications Harry Potter Hedwig Plush Officially-licensed Harry Potter merchandise Huge - stands on her own Her feet are wired for posing Wings are tacked in place, but could probably be untacked if you want to display her majestic wings Materials: New polyester fibers Care Instructions: Surface washable only (do not machine wash) Duh. Who sticks an owl in a washing machine? Imported Dimensions: 14" tall x 9" deep x 8" wide Weight: 1 lb. http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/jtpt/

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