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  1. Hogwarts House Prefect (Click Here To Apply)

    House Prefect -  Ravenclaw (Common Room Prefect)
    Do you enjoy meeting and chatting to new people? Are you fluent in parseltongue and passionate about Potter? If so, then you may just be the muggle that our site is searching for! Just tell us a bit about yourself and your magical journey with the series, so that we can ‘sort’ you into the house that we’d like you to look after! Remember, this is a forum run by fans, for fans – so we’re not just looking for people to showcase the site as it is, we are also looking for ideas and feedback on how to make things even better! What would you like to see and do here? Tell us, so that we can continue to bring our community closer together!
    What is a House Prefect?
    A prefect at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a student who has been given extra authority and responsibilities by the Head of House and Headmaster. One male and one female student are chosen from each house in their fifth year to act as prefects. They would continue to be prefects in their sixth and seventh years until they leave school.
    Prefects are allowed to take House points away from houses, but they are not allowed to take points from other prefects. Prefects can give detentions as a form of punishment.

    What is a House Prefect (forum moderator)?
    A forum moderator oversees the communication activity of an Internet forum. He/She monitors the contributors (members) and makes decisions regarding content and the direction of threads. Moving discussions from one section to another to keep topics organized is also a common job for a forum moderator. If the forum becomes hostile or starts to move in the direction of personal attacks, the forum moderator usually has the discretion to lock the discussion to prevent heated, interchanges. He may also be able to hide discussions he deems unworthy of further discussion.

    Duties of a forum moderator may include moving discussions (threads/posts) to more appropriate sections, closing or locking threads based on dwindling interest or lack of recent activity of merely going off-topic, editing posts for clarity or content, and deleting threads. Thread deletion can either be temporary or permanent, depending on the wishes of the forum moderator, although you'll also have the power to hide posts/threads. If an abusive contributor refuses to cease unacceptable behaviour, the forum moderator will the discretion to ban the user, but this is used as a last resort.
    What can you do?
    Edit, close, open, move, delete and lock and finally pin threads.
    Suspend and ban members.
    Postions Availiable
    We're looking for one person to look after one of the four Houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

    Now we can't just go handing out these positions to anyone, so you do have to meet some requirements.
    The forum user must be mature and responsible. The forum user cannot have any active forum infractions. The forum user must have over 50 posts. The forum user must have over 1 months of activity on the forum.
    Our staff members are the frontline of the team, and are responsible for meeting, greeting and assisting our guests/members upon joining and getting settled in.
    The warm welcome that our harry potter fans receive from all our staff makes a huge difference to their excitement and enjoyment of TheWizardingWorld | Harry Potter Fan Forum.

    Position: Hogwarts Prefect (Common Road Moderator)

    Number of places: 1

    Applicants: 0


  2. Harry Potter Content Creators / News Poster (Click Here To Apply)

    Please Note: We're a Harry Potter fan community and do this for fun in our spare time!
    If you know your way around the Castle, grounds and the Common Cooms without the help of the Marauder’s Map, then you might just be the Muggle, Witch & Wizard we’re looking for.
    Harry Potter Content Creators / News Poster
    Calling all Creatives:
    Have you had aspirations of writing for the Daily Prophet? Well, while we may not be able to help you realise that particular dream, we would like to think that here at TheWizardingWorld | Harry Potter Fan Forum, we can offer the next best thing, because we are currently on the lookout for content creators to join our team. Can you sniff out an exciting Harry Potter story? Can you provide quick, creatively current write ups on anything from newly released Harry Potter clothing lines, to news of someone paragliding down the French Alps in full Harry Potter costume (yes, that did actually happen)! However unbelievable or unremarkable a story may seem; if you find something Harry Potter related, that you think fellow fans ought to know about too, then we’d love for you tell us about it here on the forums first! 
    If writing’s not for you, don’t worry though, because there are also several other ways that we are looking to grow our community and have you involved. Do you fancy yourself as more of a House Prefect, perhaps? We want those, too….

    Position: Content Creator (News Poster & House Prefect)

    Number of places: 2

    Applicants: 1


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