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  1. Hola, It actually looks like it's the first one you posted a picture of. I'm going to nip into our local Sainsburys later and see if I can get the manufacturer's details from another cup in there. Finding this thing is proving damn near impossible!
  2. Headmaster, Thank you for the warm welcome. That's absolutely bloody cracking. I'll phone Sainsburys customer services in the morning and give them that product code, hopefully they will be able to find it from that. I'll be visiting here a bit methinks!
  3. Hola all, I know this is my first post and I'm asking for something but I am really struggling to find a travel mug Sainsburys had for sale last year. It was a red ceramic mug with a black plastic lid that pushed into the top of the mug and had a sliding bit you drank out of. I've contacted Half Moon Bay and Sainsburys to ask if I could have the name of the supplier or if they did the mug but no luck. Has anyone else got the same mug by any chance and has the packaging to tell me the supplier or manufacturer? Thanks in advance for your help.

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