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  1. Oops just read that back and remembered that Harry is definitely a horcrux, so just ignore that.... I bet it makes me look like a terrible potterhead but it's almost midnight where I am and I'm tired but can't sleep so you know 😂
  2. Ok, next theory, Harry is a horcrux. The evidence that could support this is that in Deathly Hallows we learn that spending time in the proximity of a horcrux makes people mean-spirited and miserable – the Dursleys could have acted the way they did because they spent 10 years in the proximity of a Horcrux. (Credit to buzzfeed for this theory)
  3. True. I see what you mean but it's just a ship that no one really expected.
  4. See, I'm not sure, to me it feels a bit like it came out of no where but then again it kinda works 😕
  5. First theory: Harry is under a love potion/charm from Ginny and really it should be Harry and Hermione
  6. Hello whoever is reading! I'm bored so decided to make a small forum on some of the Harry Potter theories that exist! Feel free to debate whether they are believable or not and even leave your own! Have fun! 😁
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