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  1. The Lily-Petunia relationship is interesting. We get some insight through Snape’s memories and we know from Lily’s letter to Sirius (that Harry found in Sirius’s bedroom) that the sisters were still in contact, even exchanging gifts, at the time of Lily’s death. I’m not 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure the quote you mention isn’t in the book. I think we’re largely left to speculate on Petunia’s motivation. I think that Petunia hated magic because it took her sister from her - first, when she found a new life at Hogwarts and finally when it took her life. From the time when Lily’s magic became visible, I think Petunia felt inferior and envious. Dumbledore refusing to admit her to Hogwarts confirmed these feelings. When Lily was killed, I think it was easy for Petunia to conclude that magic is bad. She probably tried to convince herself that being non-magical made her superior to her sister, not the other way around. I think that Petunia was determined that her beloved Dudley would never feel inferior to Harry, as she had felt to Lily. Fearing that Harry would be magical, she made sure that the family looked down on him from the start. She also idealized ‘normalcy’ and demonized anything that deviated from her ordinary life. As it became clear that Harry was indeed magical, he became the object of all her hatred and resentment. His early uncontrolled magic, that created issues at school and and underscored the fear of ‘exposure’, served to confirm her hatred of magic and the need to protect Dudley from feeling inferior. Of course my analysis of the Lily-Petunia relationship is only speculation. I don’t think that JK Rowling has written anything about this relationship outside the books, but if anyone knows of any, please let me know.
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