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Hogwarts House Points: We've currently switched off the house points until 1st Sept when term begins. Who will win the HOUSE CUP in 2020?


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    Slip and slide – A Prankster's Helper As Headmaster of Hogwarts, he shouldn't publicly accept the Marauder's escapades, but no rules stated that he could not help them in secret. When Hogwarts gets hit by a heatwave, he decides to give the boys some inspiration. One-shot. Say Goodbye - M Rating In their seventh year at Hogwarts, Michael Corner falls in love with Padma Patil, she does not seem to realise this. Can he convince her that he means it before it is too late? Warnings – Mentions of Character Torture and Death. Up a tomb without a broomstick A drabble about one of Bill Weasley's adventures in Egypt as a curse-breaker, he finds himself in a spot of trouble and manages to make a big discovery! Why dancing on top of a volcano is a bad idea! Many muggles knew the story of Pompeii that Mount Vesuvius erupted with little warning, killing most of its residents and covering the town in volcanic ash in 79AD. What they did not know however was that it was a Wizard who caused the eruption. This is his story. Warning: Catastrophe and Character death Splitting the hourglass - Multichapter with hopefully an update soon! An accident involving the time-turners at the Department of Mysteries sends Hermione back to the Marauder Era. Will she be able to get back? Can/Should she try to prevent the events of the future? HGRL and a little JPLE. Ron's surprise dinner Ron decides to try and cook a meal for Hermione without magic! He enlists his mother-in-law to teach him before trying his hand at recreating Hermione's favourite dish. He soon loses patience, will he be able to resist using magic and what will be the end result? Okay that is enough for this post - I will post more tomorrow.
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