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  2. Harry Potter theory: Albus Dumbledore was actually 'time-travelling Ron Weasley' ExpressView the full article
  3. The Morning Watch: How to Make 'Harry Potter' Pumpkin Juice, Tour Famous London Movie Locations & More /FILMView the full article
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  5. Advent Calendars for 2019 on sale: LEGO, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Funko, Hatchimals, Thomas WRAL.comView the full article
  6. There's a spooktacular Harry Potter screening happening in Wicklow next month Her.ieView the full article
  7. House seen in Harry Potter up for sale Watford ObserverView the full article
  8. Small Moments in the Films You've Noticed TL;DR: Are there any small moments you've noticed rewatching the films? A lot of film teachers I've had, and other film students I've spoken to, whenever you rewatch a film you always notice something different. I had a film lecturer mention to their first year class at uni about a story I told her. I was rewatching Pan's Labyrinth for my coursework, and I noticed little motifs of the faun and the more adult themes that I hadn't noticed before. One of the students in her class said, 'I've already watched La La Land, so why do I have to watch it again?' It's just a moment that stuck with me, and even with the Harry Potter films, I've noticed small moments that I may have missed on first, or earlier viewing. Let me take you back to my first year at college. We had to analyse a sequence from a film, and I chose The OWL scene from Order of the Phoenix. I repeatedly watched this scene, and even now I would definitely go back and rewrite the essay (which on a slight tangent, I found yesterday). But what I noticed is the dialogue between the twins, which is almost drowned out by the fireworks and the Fireworks score playing over it. One of the twins (I think it's Fred) says, before releasing the dragon, Fred: Ready when you are. It took me a good seven or eight listens to hear it, and it's so subtle but works so well with the scene. Like it's all pre-planned except the grand finale. But I love how it's just inserted, like amidst all the chaos, they are still the ones to pull it all off. What are some moments you've seen from the films that maybe you didn't on your first few watches? I'd love to know. I'll share another one mine on this thread soon.
  9. Creative mum designs a Harry Potter themed nursery for just £150 including it’s very own Hedwig The SunView the full article
  10. Boots Releases Harry Potter Quill Liquid Eyeliner POPSUGAR United KingdomView the full article
  11. Channel your inner Harry Potter at WizardFest, celebrate the 73rd annual Irvington Halloween Festival, plus more fun events this weekend CBS 4 IndianapolisView the full article
  12. Mum creates Harry Potter themed bedroom for her son for £150 Metro.co.ukView the full article
  13. Mum creates Harry Potter themed bedroom for her son for £150 Metro.co.ukView the full article
  14. The Real Reason Why Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Will Never Premiere On The Big Screens The Digital WeeklyView the full article
  15. Harry Potter and ship wars: The time when growing up a Potter kid really got interesting Wizards And WhatnotView the full article
  16. Harry Potter and ship wars: The time when growing up a Potter kid really got interesting Wizards and What NotView the full article
  17. Enter the Friday Forty for $40 Tickets to HARRY POTTER AND THE CURSED CHILD in San Francisco Broadway WorldView the full article
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  19. ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ gathered location data while users slept EngadgetView the full article
  20. Kit Harington Reveals Which Hogwarts House He's in for Harry Potter Comicbook.comView the full article
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  22. This Hogwarts tree topper will bring a little extra magic to your home this holiday Entertainment Weekly NewsView the full article
  23. 16 Harry Potter Items to Add Magic to Your Halloween E! NEWSView the full article
  24. 16 Harry Potter Items to Add Magic to Your Halloween E! NEWSView the full article
  25. 16 Harry Potter Items to Add Magic to Your Halloween E! OnlineView the full article
  26. Netflix Claims 64 Million Watched ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 In The First Month ForbesView the full article
  27. Harry Potter: 5 Reasons Ginny Should Have Been With Dean (& 5 Why Harry Was The Right Choice) Screen RantView the full article
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