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  2. Growing from the Dursleys: How Harry Potter grew from being in their home Wizards And WhatnotThe Dursleys were far from a good home for Harry Potter to grow up in. They abused him, hated him, and wanted him gone. But within their home, Harry learned ... View the full article
  3. 8 Most Compatible Harry Potter Characters Based on Their MBTI (And 2 That Aren't) Screen RantHarry Potter characters like Hermione and Draco are so rich in personality that they fit great into the MBTI system. Which are most compatible? View the full article
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  5. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Toronto cast will soon be decided Wizards And WhatnotThe cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Toronto will soon be decided as auditions for the Wizarding World production are about to get underway. View the full article
  6. I so wish I still lived in the UK (I live in Denmark now), Aldi over here doesn't have any of it. I would love to have the duvet covers.
  7. Has anyone bought any of these? I personally feel that the Hufflepuff ones are really boring but the Marauders Map ones are great! I have ordered myself a pair :D
  8. Slip and slide – A Prankster's Helper As Headmaster of Hogwarts, he shouldn't publicly accept the Marauder's escapades, but no rules stated that he could not help them in secret. When Hogwarts gets hit by a heatwave, he decides to give the boys some inspiration. One-shot. Say Goodbye - M Rating In their seventh year at Hogwarts, Michael Corner falls in love with Padma Patil, she does not seem to realise this. Can he convince her that he means it before it is too late? Warnings – Mentions of Character Torture and Death. Up a tomb without a broomstick A drabble about one of Bill Weasley's adventures in Egypt as a curse-breaker, he finds himself in a spot of trouble and manages to make a big discovery! Why dancing on top of a volcano is a bad idea! Many muggles knew the story of Pompeii that Mount Vesuvius erupted with little warning, killing most of its residents and covering the town in volcanic ash in 79AD. What they did not know however was that it was a Wizard who caused the eruption. This is his story. Warning: Catastrophe and Character death Splitting the hourglass - Multichapter with hopefully an update soon! An accident involving the time-turners at the Department of Mysteries sends Hermione back to the Marauder Era. Will she be able to get back? Can/Should she try to prevent the events of the future? HGRL and a little JPLE. Ron's surprise dinner Ron decides to try and cook a meal for Hermione without magic! He enlists his mother-in-law to teach him before trying his hand at recreating Hermione's favourite dish. He soon loses patience, will he be able to resist using magic and what will be the end result? Okay that is enough for this post - I will post more tomorrow.
  9. Harry Potter Festival Coming To Carnegie Museum Of Natural History CBS PittsburghPITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Pack your trunk and grab your wand because Hogwarts is coming to Pittsburgh. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History is hosting ... View the full article
  10. Hi everyone! So I write fanfiction, usually as a part of competitions but I also write my own stuff (like without prompts). So my thoughts are that I will first like to direct you to my profile page: ViolaMoon FF Profile I will over the next few days, (whenever I have the time), I will post a link to my stories up here plus a description. I look forward to hearing what you think!
  11. Sirius Black and the father figure that he became for Harry Potter Wizards And WhatnotHarry Potter didn't have many father figures in his life that was worth looking up to but Sirius Black stood in the place of James Potter and was there for Harry in ... View the full article
  12. Harry Potter Festival organizer charged with theft in Jefferson WMTVThe man who brought the Harry Potter Festival to Edgerton and moved it to Jefferson now faces criminal charges and a civil suit alleging he didn't pay his bills. View the full article
  13. 10 Facts About Wands In Harry Potter That The Movies Leave Out Screen RantEven Harry Potter wasn't immune to cutting book *content* to fit movie length. For the most part, small lore details were cut. Not including them didn't hinder how ... View the full article
  14. 10 Facts About Wands In Harry Potter That The Movies Leave Out Screen RantEven Harry Potter wasn't immune to cutting book *content* to fit movie length. For the most part, small lore details were cut. Not including them didn't hinder how ... View the full article
  15. Tackling fatherhood in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Wizards And WhatnotFatherhood is a hard nut to crack and Harry Potter does an interesting job of it in Cursed Child but he's not the only father within the play. We're looking at how ... View the full article
  16. Coventry and Solihull schoolkids to perform with Harry Potter actor Coventry ObserverKIDS from schools and choirs across Solihull and Coventry will perform a special production of Beowulf with help from an actor in the Harry Potter films. View the full article
  17. An Angry DJ Khaled, ‘Harry Potter’ & More Feature in This Week’s Top Comments Roundup HighsnobietyDJ Khaled's epic tantrum over coming second and a new 'Harry Potter' x Vans collaboration feature in this week's top comments roundup. Read them all here. View the full article
  18. Amanda and Harry Potter from York give blood to mark World Blood Donation Day York PressA WOMAN and her dog have both given blood to celebrate World Blood Donation Day. View the full article
  19. Scourgify :P It would make cleaning sooo much easier, which is good because I hate cleaning :P
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  21. Relative Values: Harry Potter star Imelda Staunton and her daughter, Bessie Carter The TimesImeldaMy husband, Jim [Carter, an actor], and I were together for 10 years without ever wanting to have a family — we had cats and holidays. Then, at 36, I ... View the full article
  22. Fans wait hours in line to ride new Harry Potter ride WITI FOX 6 MilwaukeeORLANDO, Fla. — Universal Orlando Resort's new Harry Potter-themed roller coaster opened this week, and visitors were waiting in line for multiple hours to ... View the full article
  23. Sure that’s fine and welcome to post any articles from FF in a topic too if you wish, this will help with building content and getting some replies from others. I run this this in my spare time and have a couple of people who have turned into staff to help promote the site. We’re all about building a community and building content that isn’t on FB or Twit so posts/discussions are not lost and it’s easy for everyone to get involved. If you’ve got any ideas during your time on the forum I’d love to hear them!
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