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Growing up with the Wizarding World

Professor Patrick

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When I first read about the boy who lived (under the stairs) I was almost 26 years old, so I didn't exactly "grow up with the Wizarding World".  My mind and soul, however, were still flexible enough to bend and stretch a little - more than a little, actually. 


Since opening Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for the first time, many years have passed and I have re-read all of the books many times, watched the movies, listened to the audio books in German and English. I made really terrible fanart and wrote not too shabby fan fiction and songs over the years and looking back on all of that I must say that my perspective on many of the characters have changed. I suspect there is still a lot of change in the future for me and those tales.


In one of the letters I wrote to @Lily1979 I said that as a reader I am a different person every time I open a book and while the words stay the same, my eyes, my brain and my mind do not.  And now I am wondering: Are there things that all of you view entirely different from your first read? Are there characters you used to love or hate that feel different about today? Are there scenes that left you cold the first time around and make you cry today or vice versa? And if the answer is yes, would you mind sharing?




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