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Hello! My name is Deinerie but you can call me Dein or Erie. I am happy that I was able to discover this forum since I want to interact with Potterheads so bad. I am excited to learn more about this site and I am also very thrilled to make new friends. That's all and I hope we all get along well.

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So umm... I really don't know or understand rather how a forum works since I am all new to this but I am happy to discover this site and very excited. I never heard of a forum before or I just hesitated to see one because I don't really know much, but so much of that, I am happy and adjusting to this. I hope we would all be friends! <3

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Welcome to the community @Deinerie, forums were the place to have discussions before Facebook became a ‘thing’. They’re a great resource, and even better at keeping track of what you discuss. Everything is easily found and departmentalised. Each forum category has a description so you know the best place to ask questions or even to have a general chat.


Any issues, please give us a message and we’ll try to help!


Feel free to create your own topics around the forums so others can join in.

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      Hello everyone!
      I'm new to the site and saw this group as an interesting one as we are not that many people, so we can actually talk and get to know each other. Why don't we introduce ourselves?
      I'm Dani. I am re-reading Harry Potter after almost 15 years. I read the books when I was the same age as Harry in each book and somehow it made me love it even more. Now I feel I can have a completely different point of view and that is why I am reading them again. Also as a little confession, even though I was OBSESSED with HP growing up I only read till the 5th book because I got tired of waiting YEARS for new releases. Now with COVID I decided it was the best time to read them all back and finally finish it :)
      What about you guys? How did you end up here? What's your name and a fun fact about you?
      Fun Fact About Me: I have a thing for naming my pets with harry potter names. My old dog's name is Ron but in spanish it means Rum, so people think I love the drink but actually its a HP reference :P
    • Daniella9658
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      Hi! I'm Daniella, you can call me Dani. I'm new to this site and I'm excited to talk with more people who are interested in HP! Hope to meet some of you.
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      My real name is Hailie, but my username is LilyGrangerWeasley. I am a huge potterhead and I am looking for new friends.
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