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.what OWL would you take?

1) Ancient Runes



4) Care of Magical Creatures


6)Defense against the dark arts



9)History of Magic

10)Muggle Studies





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      By Ravenclaw_Pug01
      What OWLs would you take? Comment ur answer 
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      By Dumbledore
      Harry Potter star Tom Felton has revealed he doesn't think the cast will ever reunite for any more instalments of the franchise. Tom has expressed along with  fans who don’t see the need to update the original franchise.
      Speaking to various sources, Felton was asked if he thought the cast would do another movie.
      "How much you offering?" he answered.
      "I'm joking. I don't think it will be reprised, to be honest with you.
      "I think it was a wonderful eight chapters, and everything that needed to be done was done. I think they'll take it further on in their own direction, but we're all still immensely proud to be part of it."
      The actor, who played Draco Malfoy, also added that he was happy to see how the Potter fandom is still growing.
      "It's great to see it's been past down from generation to generation," Tom said. "But I can speak for the cast when I say we're very grateful for all of the support that's come our way over the last decade."
      Tom shared a photo of himself standing beside a pic of Draco Malfoy from the first Harry Potter movie, The Philosopher's Stone, and poked fun at how much he's changed over the years.
      Pointing at the poster of young Draco while also wearing a Slytherin cape, Tom wrote: "Agings a bitch".
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      Discussion: Harry Potter Films - Unimportant parts you wish could've been added!
      So I'll start it off by not including Winky! However, we do see her and Dobby very very briefly in The Goblet Of Fire, if you're wondering where? I made a whole topic about 'Things you may have missed in the Harry Potter Films'.
      Winky, dear old Winky; Crouch's House elf. Important as she is, especially with Crouch Senior to the dark mark cast at the Quidditch Cup in The Goblet of Fire film, plus the whole 'drunk winky' fiasco. Of course lets not forget Horrified Hermione learning that she and the rest of the students are being served by house elves, which prompts her to start (S.P.E.W) Society for Promotion of Elfish Welfare, roping in Harry and Ron to help her.

      You can also join the S.P.E.W Club
    • kaedequinn
      By kaedequinn
      Ok, this is a long shot, but we know that Hermione is muggle born. She's also an only child. Neither of these are particularly unique, but I feel a witch as clever as Hermione would want to research her family tree, to discover who the last witch/wizard was. We don't know very much about Hermione's family, other than her parents are dentists. I myself have tried finding out who in her family was magical and got no where! If Hermione was adopted then it could explain why she never mentions researching her family tree. Of course, she may have done this and we didn't know about it, but I feel that she probably would have told Harry about it had she done so.
      Let's look at how adoptions work in the UK. Adoptions are usually "closed" - this means that the birth family do not know anything about the adoptive family. They do not know where the child lives, which school they go to, or even what their surname is. They might be told the first names of the adoptive parents, but this isn't always the case. Also, most adopted children have something called "Letterbox contact". This is basically where they and the birth family can send a letter, usually once a year, through the social services. It usually just talks about some of the things that the child has been doing, it might mention their school report, or if the child is very young it could include a drawing they have done. It rarely includes photographs, although the arrangement is different for each child, and it is optional, so the birth family and adoptive families do not have to do it. In the time Harry Potter is set, children did not have to be told they were adopted until they were 18 - nowadays children are told as they are growing up. It do think that if Hermione was adopted then she would know about it - she is very close to her parents and they may have told her as a child or when she got her Hogwarts letter and asked who in the family tree was magical!
      If Hermione was adopted, there could be several reasons. Maybe her birth parents are dead. Maybe they couldn't take care of her. Or maybe, they were magical parents and gave her up in order to protect her - she was born in 1979, and the First Wizarding War ended in 1981.
      Let's start with the theory that one or both of her birth parents were magical. They probably could have placed her with non magical friends during the end of that war, to keep her safe. If the parents then died in that war, she would have been adopted (it's VERY rare that a child that young wouldn't be adopted!) either by the friends, or by strangers. I don't think it's possible that the Granger's would have been the friends she could have been left with, as she said she was surprised to get her letter, which makes me believe they didn't know she was a witch. Also, most children are moved out of the area they were in when they are adopted, so that could have given her greater protection during the end of the First Wizarding War.
      Now let's look at the theory that her birth parents were not magical. This works well with not knowing that she was a witch - she would still be muggle born as well. She might not know who her birth parents are, and therefore can't research her family tree. I do think it's possible she was originally born into a non magical family - for the purpose of the story, having at least one muggle born with or wizard as a main character shows that not only can they achieve great things in the Wizarding World, but that they are equals to both full and half blood witches and wizards.
      I mentioned at the start she is an only child. Whilst this isn't strange - a LOT of people are only children! - the adoption process is long and can be difficult, so it makes sense that if Hermione was adopted that she'd be an only child, as her parents may not have wanted to go through the process again. Also, most of the main characters have at least one sibling or live with another child (Dudley is of course Harry's cousin, but they are brought up together) so it does make sense that JK Rowling would want a main character with no siblings, so talking about their families doesn't get too complicated.
      Of course she might not even have been adopted, and her parents are her biological parents. But I feel if this was the case that she would have made some attempt to trace her family tree. Not only that, but if you look at the scene of her wiping her parent's memories in Deathly Hallows (movie) there are NO pictures of her as a young baby. There's a couple of her on the mantlepiece as a toddler, but none as a baby. Had she been adopted as a toddler this would make prefect sense! 
      This is just a theory I have, and I don't think we'll ever know, but I'd love to hear other thoughts on this. I've often wondered why we dont know much about Hermione's family. Even Voldemort knew about who his family was and he was growing up in an orphanage! And Lily Potter was muggle born, but we can trace her family tree, so why we can't we trace Hermione's?
    • Dumbledore
      By Dumbledore
      Smyths Toys: Wizard Training Wand - Dumbledore, Hermione, Harry Potter, or Lord Voldemort - Was £24.99 Now £17.99

      Play in 5 magical modes Learn to cast 11 iconic spells Lights and sounds add to the fun Contents: A Wizard Training Wand and a spell training guide Batteries required: 3x AAA batteries (included) Product Description
      Learn to cast 11 iconic spells with the Wizard Training Wand! Designed to look just like Dumbledore’s Elder Wand in the movies, this interactive wand magically senses your movements for immersive Wizarding fun.
      Young witches and wizards can play in 5 different modes to practise their magic. Use the Wizard Training Wand to learn new spells in training mode, and then fine tune your skills in single or multiplayer practice mode. With motion sensor technology, your wand will recognise the pattern of each spell you cast and let you know when you’ve mastered the magic.
      Take on your friends in duel mode, or zap opponents in a game of Wizard Tag for more ways to play.
      The Wizard Training Wand features lights and sounds to add a touch of magic to each spell. The included spell training guide helps wizards in training to cast an adept accio charm, a stupendous stupefy and an expert expelliarmus.
      There are 4 wand to choose from in the Wizard Training wand series: Harry Potter’s wand (Ref: 166000), Hermione’s dragon heartstring wand (Ref: 166001), the Elder Wand wielded by Albus Dumbledore (Ref: 166002), and of course Lord Voldemort’s wand (Ref: 165999). Each sold separately.
      To Buy:

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