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Why Harry didn't destroy the horocrux in the Lestrange vault?

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Hello to all,
Like a lot of you here, I think i read the HP series about a million times. Just yesterday i read the Deathly Hallows and i was thinking: Why Harry didn't just destroyed  the cup when he was in the Lestrange vault in Gringotts? He had the sword in hand...


What do you think?


Thank you :)



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I think simply that they had to get in and get out, and wouldn’t know what sort of curses or charms the vault would have. Having everything multiply as you touch it didn’t really help. 😁


I’d want to get straight out of there to a place of safety to destroy something!

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I think it's because he wanted to keep the Horcrux a secret from the goblins. We already know they're crafty - who knows what they'd do with that knowledge.

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All the items that were multiplying, were all burning them. I'd be too busy getting away from them t even think about destroying the Horcrux. Besides that, they never told Griphook when he would get the sword, so I guess they thought they could do it later on.

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