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So, It’s known that Parvati Patil och Lavender Brown are like best friends. But in the films lavender brown looks like padma patil?!?! An example: In the fifth movie, on the dada lesson with slytherin, Parvati and ”Padma” is sitting next to each other in the front row? Padma is wearing a gryffindor cloak-thing on a gryffindore-slytherin lesson? Yes of course this is suppose to be lavender brown but why does she look exactly like her best friend? This was a messy text, but why does Lavender Brown look like Padma Patil in all films except hbp and dh??

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So, It’s known that Parvati Patil och Lavender Brown are like best friends. But in the films lavender brown looks like padma patil?!?! An example: In the fifth movie, on the dada lesson with slytherin

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It's just the way the producers made the films. There are so many changes from the books, even as simple as other characters saying different lines. But we don't actually meet Lavender until the 6th film, she doesn't appear at all in any other previous movies. It's pretty messy are hard to follow. Because in the 5th movie, Ron should've joined the quidditch team as per the book, but we know this happens in the 6th movie.

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