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Welcome Witches, Wizards and Muggles alike. Have you found yourself down on your luck attending local Harry Potter events? Unsure of what to wear when the opportunity does present itself? Unsure of what unsuspecting Muggles who know nothing of the Wizarding World might think? Or even struggle to get into character? Well, I'm here to try and answer your questions as I review my experience volunteering at a local Harry Potter event in my library. 






Okay, now I have the cheesy advertisement style opening out of the way, I can actually be a little bit more serious. 


One of the local libraries where I live hosted a Tri-Wizard Tournament style activities session last Saturday (08/02/2020 [I'm from the UK so it's day/month/year]), and were looking for volunteers. I leapt at the chance. I knew where one of my Potter Stinks badges was, and I was ready to break out the cosplay. But first, I had to make sure volunteering in cosplay was okay. I've spent at least £150 on my "background" Slytherin student cosplay and was not about to risk ruining it by messy arts and crafts. As you can see with the photo below, cosplay was definitely fine, even with the arts and crafts. 




As I mentioned, the event was Tri-Wizard Tournament themed. The kids got sorted into one of the three schools, and each activity they completed they got a sticker to add to the card on the wall that had their school on it. The school with the most stickers won. I should add that no children were harmed in this tournament. The activities were find the Professors socks, a word search, colour Dobby's socks, colour a school shield and make your own dragon (one child tried to kill me with their dragon), so nothing too extreme or deadly. 


It was fairly easy to get into character, and seeing the joy in those kids eyes when they saw me, and the professional cosplayers was 100% worth it. It was like they realised that dressing up wasn't just for kids. But honestly, I don't know whether it's the fact I've spent a few years creating this character or I just enjoyed myself so much, it was so easy to stay in character. 


It doesn't matter if you wear cosplay or just a themed top - what you wear doesn't diminish from your love of Harry Potter, or dedication to the event. As long as you're having fun, no one else will care. 


And finally, to keep it somewhat short and sweet, what about unsuspecting Muggles? Well, screw what they think. I was so anxious about going out in cosplay, but actually it was such a confidence boost whenever someone looked over and looked really confused. No one said I looked awful, so I was happy. And actually it made me come alive to be in cosplay. So don't worry about going out in cosplay when it isn't con season or a studio tour/Universal trip. 


So I say, make use of your local library and if you decide to volunteer at these events, do what you feel comfortable with! And just have fun! Make the most of it while it lasts!

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Welcome Witches, Wizards and Muggles alike. Have you found yourself down on your luck attending local Harry Potter events? Unsure of what to wear when the opportunity does present itself? Unsure of wh

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