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Renai Leeben Villanueva

JK Rowling

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Renai Leeben Villanueva

Hey! I love of course the one and only JK Rowling because I was so inspired and awed by her works. I really really love  them a lot. I've read the battle between good and bad.


I also love Rick Riordan because of his Mythological works. I love myths so I'm glad to read his books

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    • Renai Leeben Villanueva
      By Renai Leeben Villanueva
      Music can be seen around us. It differs from which country you belong. There are also a variety of music like Jazz, Pop, RnB and the likes. Music have so many uses in our daily life. It could be stress reliever, entertainment, etc. I want to know what type of music you listen to, which country does it come from, and who is the artist.
      I'm gonna share mine. I love Western, K-pop, P-pop, and Christian Music. In Western, I like the boy group One Direction. I love the meaning of their songs and the tune is very relaxing. In K-pop or Korean pop, I like EXO though there are a lot of groups. I'm loyal to them. I love their songs because just by hearing it, you can know what it convey even though you can't understand the song. I also like the dance. P-pop or Pinoy pop, this is my country's own music. I like all Filipino artist, I salute them. I like the tunes and the message it convey. Christian Music or religous music. It gives me inspiration when I feel down. When I feel like nothing will be okay. These musics are my strength during my bad days. 
      Here's mine now it's you turn
    • Rain
      By Rain
      There are a lot of Harry Potter books including the students' books. From those, which of the books do you like the most and why? Give me atleast 2 books.
      For you to understand further, this is mine.
      I like "The Tales of Beedle The Bard". This is a book for witch and wizard children. I started reading when I was little and this book reminds me of my childhood. The stories that I had red back then. Good and Bad, some have Happy Endings and some that doesn't have. The time when I'm still innocent and I don't care about my surroundings.
      The next one is "Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them". I like it because I can see here the 3 friends without their worries. Just 3 typical friends having a chat on their book in some situations. I usually do this but not in a book. When there are situations that me and my friends can't talk personally even though we're close to each other, I'll  take out a pad and that's where we'll talk. Funny that I can see this in them.
      So these are mine, so what are yours?
    • Rain
      By Rain
      Hello! I'm Rain and I'm 18 years old. I'm a member of Iglesia Ni Cristo. I'm currently a First year college student in Polytechnic University of the Philippines.
      I love to read books since I was young. And I one time, my classmate lend me a Harry Potter book which is the fifth one. Since then, I started to read it and I find ways to read the others too. I love 'em all very much. I also watched the films but to my dismay, many scenes are gone while some where changed.
      I'm happy now to be a part of this and I wish I learn more things here and meet new people too.
    • always.pottering13
      By always.pottering13
      So, I'm probably gonna get some hate for this but I just cannot stand Ginny Weasley. Now, Yes, I have read the books and she is wayy better in the books. But even then, I just still don't get the hype about her character. I don't hate her but I don't get the whole "Ginny is so cool" thing. To me, the only ark she really had was she was the only daughter in the Weasley family and she was really good at quidditch, but for me I felt she was really boring. Plus, I can't tell you how much I dislike "Hinny". Harry and Ginny just make no sense whatsoever. Like one day Harry just knew Ginny as Ron's little sister and the next day his was talking about how nice her skin is and that he's falling in love? Sounds like a love potion to me... And sure in the books there was way more development and it DID make more sense, but it still was kinda odd. I also felt like she was funny and more bad girl type in the books but I still can't find a way to like her. I felt like she was a pretty forced character and she was made important at the very end. And I mean come on, I love J.K but Ginny actually getting with Harry is, first off boring-ly convenient, like of course Harry just magically realizes that he's been in love with his best friends little sister all this time and Ginny has this huge school girl crush on "The Harry Potter" for most of her Hogwarts years and Harry is her older brothers best friend, and then he just starts loving her. I mean cmon, that is so forced and honestly kinda boring. Is this just me? What are your thoughts?

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