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  1. 1 - Muggles, sign up for FREE and join our magical community!   (21 visits to this link)

    Muggles, follow me this way and we'll get you signed up!

  2. 2 - What is a forum, and how to use it. (For Muggles)   (58 visits to this link)

    Muggles, follow me this way and we'll show you how to get started!

    ● What are forums and how do they work?, ● Here's what to expect and how you can get involved

  3. 3 - Registered? - How to get started and get involved   (83 visits to this link)

    Please Start Here

    ● Welcome to the site (a quick introduction), ● House Points Explained (on this site), ● Rules & Guidelines, ● Privacy Policy, ● Help & Support

  4. 4 - About Us: Why a Harry Potter Forum/Community?   (166 visits to this link)

    I can hear you now, 'not another website', why should I join? What do I get, what's in it for me, and why have you made the website?

    ● Find out more about me & TWW, ● How to get involved and help shape TWW, ● Easy to use, ● Easily beats Facebook & Twitter!, ● Mobile Friendly

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